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  •    Open Morning Activity Invitation : Year 1
              Sarasas Ektra School will host the Open Morning Activity for year 1 students from Thursday 31st August - Friday 1st September 2017 from 7.00 am - 11.00 am. The purpose of the activity is enable parents to see the learning more detail
  •    Invitation to Mother's Day Activity, Academic Year 2017
              Sarasas Ektra School (Primary Department) is going to organise Mother's Day activity on Friday 11th, August 2017 from 1 pm - 2.30 pm. The event will be held for parents and Year 2 students. The purposes of this activity are to honour Her Majesty Queen Sirikit more detail
  •    Invitation for attending the "National Mother's Day 2017" ceremony
              The Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra School will organize the "National Mother's Day 2017" Ceremony on the 11 th of August 2017, in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen's 85th birthday, which is on August 12th, 2017. For this activity we will encourage students to show their gratitude and to commemorate the love they have for their mothers. more detail
  •    Open Morning : Infant Department
              Open Morning 2017 : 22-30 August [8.00-11.00 a.m.] more detail
  •    Creating Public Awareness through Mother and Child Bonding Activity
              Our school recognises that it is important to instil awareness of others and our surrounding environment in our students since they are still very young. They should be taught to be community-minded. more detail
  •    Ektra Newsflash Issued Date 7th July 2017
              Students should be taught to have discipline and responsibility from a young age. This is because they should learn to organize things in life which are the factors contributing to the happiness and prosperity of their own lives and of society. more detail
  •    Invitation to parents of Yr.1 students and parents of new NC-Yr.6 students
              Sarasas Ektra School has organized a meeting for parents of Year 1 students and parents of new NC.-Yr.6 students, The contents will be about the school's academic potential development policy, student skill development activities, the measurement and evaluation more detail
  •    Invitation to parents of Yr 7 students and parents of new Yr 8-9 students
              Sarasas Ektra School has organized a meeting for parents of new Year 7 students and parents of new Year 8-9 students. The contents will be about the school’s academic potential development policy, the measurement and evaluation of students’ learning results, the discipline department’s procedure, and student care policy. The purpose of the meeting is to help you understand the direction of the school in order for us to cooperatively create greater success for your children.
                 :: Parents of Summer Students in Yr.7A, Yr.7B, Yr.7C
                 :: Parents of Summer Students in Yr.7D and parents of new Year 8-9 students
  •    Ektra Newsflash Issued Date 21st February 2017
              Hello, here's the final edition of the Ektra Newsflash before the end of the academic year. Catch up on all the news. Enjoy! more detail
  •    Year 3 National Test Cancelled
              As the Office of Private Education Commission had earlier announced the Ministry of Education’s policy concerning student assessment, which stated that all schools must hold a National Test in order to evaluate the students’ academic aptitude, school had the letters of notification sent to you accordingly.   more detail

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  •   GAC Newsletter : July 2017
    “Freshy Day” Each year the students of Yr.12 prepare some interesting and entertaining activities to welcome the Yr.7 students to Lower Secondary and the Yr.10 students to Upper Secondary. Wednesday 5th July was ’Freshy Day’. more detail


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Sarasas Ektra has talent

The school would like the co-operation of parents in helping the school build a platform where the student's talent can be showcased in public forums. The students can get an opportunity to appear on the school's website. Students receiving awards in academic and activities in the school; For students who have entered competitions in the public arena. The items are to be sent to :admin@ektra.ac.th Unlimited duration for clips. You can send immediately after the completion of activities.

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