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VOA Learning English

“Learning English” in VOA (Voice of America) provides a variety of English-learning articles, activities and media. Aside from “Grammar bytes”, “Real Pronunciation”, and “Everyday American English” in “The Classroom”, there are also up-to-date articles, videos and voice clips to download with exercises and quizzes to enhance your English skills and expand your knowledge

Research and Acknowledgement

The Institution for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) has emphasized on new ways of teaching in accordance to the needs of the society…

IPST’s Library

It’s a resourceful library for the children to study additional matter besides their school book. It is a display of books on Science, Math and Technology. There are numerous books both in Thai and English.


The BBC is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world. Its mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain. See Mission and values.


It’s a homepage for the students and their family to explore the activities that are beneficial for the development of the child.

Siam Sports

Sports website with sport news of all kinds for those who are sport lovers. The column consist of knowledge about different sports.


A website full of knowledge about different kinds of Herbs those are good for health. It’s like a clinic on the online world. It also shows how different diseases can be cured by the use of the herbs.

Thai Ware

Give you information about computer’s hardware and software. It also advices which programs can be downloaded for free.

The Astronomical Society

The website contains all the information about astronomy and is also accepted site by the Thai Astronomical Society that it is trustable. The website also have variety of activities to support their content.

Art and Craft – Thai Puppet

This website is informational about “The Thai Puppet”. It is the art of Thai Puppet is a part of the Thai culture and this website preserves it.

Kid Square

This website is like and seminar or a web board that allows the children to be creative with their ideas and also teach what they are good at.

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