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  •    Invitation to the parent meeting and the orientation of current and new students in Year 7 and new students in Year 8-9
    Sarasas Ektra School is organizing a parent meeting and the orientation of new students in Year 7, 8, and 9. The purpose isto encourage good cooperation amongst parents and the school in building all-dimension success to our students in discipline, pastoral care, and academic performance development. more detail
  •    Invitation to Parent Meeting of Academic Year 2019
    SarasasEktra School has organized a meeting for new parents to our school to clarify the bilingual teaching system, lessons and content management as well as school policy and regulations. The purpose is to help parents understand the direction of the school in order to create greater success more detail
  •    Newsflash : Issued Date 26th March 2019
           School would like to welcome all new and returning students and parents to Summer School 2019.School really appreciates you sending your children to study at Sarasas Ektra School and for trusting our teachers. If your child or children are in Nursery and Kindergarten, you may still be worried, because it might be the first time your children have attended school. However, if you support them and create a good attitude towards coming to school along with cooperating with school, students will be happy to come in a few days. more detail
  •    Newsflash : Issued Date 14th Feb. 19
           We would like to thank all parents and alumni for participating in our Sports Carnival 2018 activity. It was excellent to see so many of you at school to encourage your children and juniors in the various sporting competitions, joining in with our activities and providing the students with snacks, milk, water, and cheering props etc. Many of you also joined in with the cheerleading, games and the Sports Carnival parade. more detail

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  •   GAC Newsletter : January 2019
    “Y.12 Christmas Finale” The many faces of GAC Level 3 students in their final Christmas Shows at Ektra. Both 12A & 12B put on excellent performances this year, and every single one of the students should be proud of their participation. All the other GAC classes, and regular classes also put on great shows - and the standard of English this year was probably the best ever. more detail

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Ektra Kids in the Community

The school would like the co-operation of parents in helping the school build a platform where the student's talent can be showcased in public forums. The students can get an opportunity to appear on the school's website. Students receiving awards in academic and activities in the school; For students who have entered competitions in the public arena. The items are to be sent to :admin@ektra.ac.th Unlimited duration for clips. You can send immediately after the completion of activities.

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