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  •    The 5th announcement on the emergency school closure due to the respreading of COVID-19
               Due to the rapid re-spreading of COVID-19, please find changes to the school schedule in the table below. more details
  •    Ektra Newsflash : Issued date 2nd Apr. 2021
               The school holiday are fast approaching and we have entered into the last month of the semester 2/2020. But before everyone takes a well deserved break, let's read some useful information in the Ektra Newsflash more details
  •    The 4th announcement on the emergency school closure due to the respreading of COVID-19
    According to the announcement made by the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) and the Ministry of Education which state that the school can re-open on 1st February 2021 as prolonged online learning can block certain areas of students’ development. Besides, online learning cannot be completely accessible by every student as each family has different limiting factors. more details     
  •    Every question has an answer about Online Learning.
    How do you study online? 2 channels as follows
             1. Google Classroom Google Classroom provides students with a platform for students to study, review content and complete exercises for each course on their own within the time limit specified by the teacher. If students have any questions, please post it to your teacher at the bottom of the lesson posted on the Classwork page.
             2. Google Meet Google Meet is a platform to collaborate with teachers in a course through video conferencing where the teacher summarizes the content and will also teach more from the posts in Google Classroom.

  •    Integrated Learning Activity Pack
    Dear parents of kindergarten students,

             Kindergarten Department has come up with a learning package namely "Integrated Learning Activity Pack". Parents are invited to visit the school on-site to collect the learning package. For more information, please refer to the information detailed below.
    more details     
  •    The 3rd announcement on the emergency school closure due to the re-spreading of COVID-19
             According to the announcement from the Ministry of Education which orders all educational institutions to close due to the special circumstances from Monday 4th January 2021 to Sunday 31st January 2021 or until further notices has been approved and enforced from 2 nd January 2021,
             Hence, the school wishes to inform schedules which have been set and their details. Please study the information below
                 1. Closure of the school
                 2. Midterm examination (primary and secondary level)
                 3. Means of evaluation in kindergarten
                 4. Parent meeting of Year 6 and Year 9
                 5. Online lessons
                 6. Learning packages for students in NC. to KG.3
                 7. Administration offices contact
    more details     

  •    The 2nd announcement on the emergency school closure due to the re-spreading of COVID-19
             According to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health regarding the continuously increasing numbers of COVID-19 infected toll, for the safety of our students and parents, the school has adjusted certain schedules. Details of changes are explained in this announcement.
             1. The school start date is postponed from 4th January 2021 to 18th January 2021.
                If the pandemic situation does not get better, or there are any further announcements made by relevant government sectors, there are possibilities that the start date may need to be postponed. During the school closure, online classes are arranged via Google Classroom.
             2. Online lessons on Google Classroom
                2.1. All online lessons will be uploaded to Google Classroom on 4th January 2021 at 15:00.
                2.2. Details of Meet sessions of each year level are going to be sent through Important Messages on 3rd January 2021 starting from 13:00. more details
  •    Online lesson Schedules on Google Classroom


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  •   GAC Newsletter : January 2021
    Coping with Covid-19 Your classes may now be online. You may be missing your friends and finding studying difficult. You may also be feeling anxious, sad and uncertain. These feelings are normal, but there are ways to lessen your stress. more details

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Ektra Kids in the Community

The school would like the co-operation of parents in helping the school build a platform where the student's talent can be showcased in public forums. The students can get an opportunity to appear on the school's website. Students receiving awards in academic and activities in the school; For students who have entered competitions in the public arena. The items are to be sent to :admin@ektra.ac.th Unlimited duration for clips. You can send immediately after the completion of activities.

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