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            T he teaching curriculum of Sarasas Ektra School emphasizes a child-centered method and communication in English by employing information technology. We adhere to discipline, democracy and are creative, intelligent and focus on living happily in this ever changing world.

School Logo
The cross : represents courage and perseverance in facing challenges and difficulties.
The dove: represents the new life and hope which education can bring us.
The open book represents the academic pursuit of knowledge.
The group of people (teachers and students) exemplifies the guidance, protection and support given to students by their teachers.
The flame below six stars symbolizes the enthusiasm to develop six skills or attributes i.e. increasing one's knowledge, living morally, negotiating well, developing one's potential, conducting your actions with safety, and using your time wisely

School Colors
Yellow : is the color of sunshine, meaning happiness, brightness, intelligence and strength.
Blue: is the color of the sky and the sea, meaning thoughtfulness, stability, faithfulness and loyalty.


            Sarasas Ektra School set its mission as a guide to improve the school’s curriculum management as follows.
               1. Organize activities that encourage students to be righteous and proud of Thai culture and tradition.
               2. Teach students regarding self-discipline and responsibility for the assigned duties, to respect one’s and others' rights and duties, which is the road to becoming a good leader and follower.
               3. Encourage learners to evaluate and improve themselves, accept others and gain more knowledge constantly.
               4. Build up a variety of learning environments as a challenge for the learners to pursue knowledge, think critically, analyze and solve problems according to the individual's potential.
               5. Improve student-centered learning. Students will participate in activities, practice brainstorming and managing, and put into practice until they discover their own aptitude and hence can learn happily.
               6. Promote activities that give learners the opportunity to have a direct experience in using English for effective communication.
               7. Provide technology and challenge learners to access the information using English as medium in receiving the information.
               8. Employ information technology to organize a database to enhance efficient operation and learners’ development.
               9. Encourage personnel to gain more knowledge and talent, and be good examples for the learners.
               10. Encourage learners and personnel of the school to provide community service so they can gain experience in a variety of environment and culture.


The mission of our school is to teach students to learn sbout current trends and developing technologies enabling them to compete in the modern, ever changing global world. Skills in management, proficiency in English and the ability to use modern computer technologies allow students to access rapidly to changing information. This is essential for the changing times. Students will have the opportunities to expand and develop their own knowledge.

Emphasis is on "learning by doing" in all subjects. Practical experience is an invaluable aspect of anyone's education. Through practical experience and discovery, students will develop their critical and analytical thinking skills.


  Expertise in Language, Advanced Musical skills, Good citizenship

The meaning of EKTRA
E = Ethics
K = Knowledge
T = Tolerance
R = Responsibility
A = Ambition



            When you decide to do something, you must be brave to do it. You must try to do the best of your ability, with all your effort, strength and patience, accompanied by your self-discipline. Never give up or be discouraged by any obstacle or difficulty, and only then will you succeed.


            Sarasas Ektra School’s curriculum management policy aims:-
                1. To enable students to become good people of the society, be virtuous and have moral principles.
                2. To enable students to learn contentedly and participate in the classroom, emphasizing hands-on experience, practice of various skills - thinking and analytical skills, and the pursuit of knowledge.
                3. To enable students to learn subjects that are essential for the future world, particularly the knowledge of English language for communication.
                4. To enable students to benefit from the teaching methodologies of foreign teachers from many countries around the world, while maintaining the beautiful Thai culture and tradition.
                5. To enable students to improve and develop their aptitude, interests and abilities according to the individual’s potential.


            The five main goals of Sarasas Ektra School’s Curriculum Management are:-
                1. Every student must be virtuous, honest, patient, responsible, kind, and grateful,have good conduct, and make sacrifices.
                2. Every administrator and teacher must be virtuous, have moral standards and adhere strictly to professional ethics. They must be expert in their work and always try to improve themselves.
                3. Every primary student must pass through the learning process which enables them to develop themselves up to their maximum potential. They must have academic and general knowledge suitable for their age, and can use English in basic communication.
                4. Every secondary student must pass through the learning process which enables them to develop themselves up to their maximum potential. They must have academic, technological and general knowledge suitable for their age, can use English in communication and have efficient access to information.
                5. The administration and management of the school is systematic and efficient. The school’s curriculum conforms to the standard and is widely accepted by the community.