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Certificate awards for Year 12 Batch 22 students

        On March 24 School organized a certificate awards ceremony from 08.30 a.m. to 1.00 the Auditorium, Building 6. Master Pisut Yongkamol, Director of Sarasas Ektra School, presided at the ceremony, giving the admonition and awarding certificates to Yr. 12 Batch 22 students who have completed their studies in the academic year 2020. The school’s director also awarded certificates of honor to seven outstanding students who received a gold medal for their good behavior and academic results. These students are the pride of their teachers. They are self-sacrificing young people who help to give our school a good reputation. Their names are as follows:

Miss Wareevan Sujirapinyokul
Most excellent academic performance of Batch 22

Mr. Krittin Sutthijit
Committed to helping and developing the school

Mr. Krit Wangwichit
Self-sacrificing, devoted and generous in supporting school activities and building the school’s reputation

Miss Marilyn Kate Gardner
Being a good role model in leadership and acting

Miss Ornpailin Wanichthanaolan
Being a good role model in eagerness for knowledge and learning in music

Mr. Jiramate Chu
Being generous and a good role model

Miss Minna Lim
Being a good role model in eagerness for knowledge and learning a language

Academic Year : 2020
Department : All Departments
Category : All Activities 2020