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Say Hello Junior activity

        The Secondary Department organized a Say Hello Junior activity on 2nd March 2021 to create a good relationship between younger generations Year 6 with their seniors from the secondary department and also provided an opportunity for Year 6 students to experience the format of M.I. aptitude, and intelligence in all 8 areas from 10 bases. The senior students with expertise in various fields prepared many workshops for them and they are detailed below;
        1. Laboratory in Biology, Body System, Science group, (Naturalistic Logistic Intelligence)
        2. Brownie’s workshop, Cooking group, (Naturalistic Logistic Intelligence)
        3. Coding workshop, Computer group, (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence)
        4. Photo workshop, Photo group, (Visual-Spatial Intelligence)
        5. Designing Board Games workshop, Board Games group, (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence)
        6. Music workshop, Music group, (Musical Intelligence)
        7. Futsal and Basketball workshop, Sport Group, (Bodily- Kinesthetic Intelligence)
        8. Drama workshop, English group (Linguistic Intelligence)
        9. Creative designing workshop, Art group (Visual-Spatial Intelligence)
        10. Dancing group (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence)

        By this, all the seniors in the secondary department acted as the presenter and also the leaders for organizing this activity for their juniors in Year 6.

Academic Year : 2020
Department : All Departments
Category : All Activities 2020