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Introduction Hospitality and Entrepreneurships

        Sarasas Ektra School hosted an online workshop under the title "Introduction Hospitality and Entrepreneurships" with our special guest speaker, Mr. Warren Stanworth who is an Academic Dean of the Asian Institute of Hospitality Management in Academic Association with Les Roches (AIHM). The students from Year 11-12 attended this online workshop on 26th June 2021. The goal of the workshop was to introduce students to the hospitality industry and what options they might have if they were thinking of entering into further education in Hospitality. The main focus of this workshop is to encourage students to develop discussion and public speaking skills, while it also gave basic information about the hospitality industry.

        Our guest speaker, Mr. Warren asked the students a question “How many types of accommodations are there in the hospitality business?” The students were separated into groups via breakout room function. They discussed the various types of accommodations in the hospitality business. Once the time was over, a representative from each group shared their ideas with everyone. Mr. Warren further explained that the hospitality industry is not static and continues to change each day. There are so many types of accommodation ranging from service apartments to resorts. After the session ended, the students were allowed to ask questions related to the hospitality industry. Mr. Warren emphasized the importance of expressing an opinion if joining AIHM.