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Hands-on Activities for Primary students in Years 1-4

        The School has organized ‘Hands-on Activities’ for students in Years 1-4 to enhance their development through learning by doing. These activities include the following:
        1. Financial Playground Center: ‘Fin-Play’, in which students learn through simulation of various occupations that enhance their understanding of economics and knowledge of financial planning in a learning model that integrates Multiple Intelligences (MI).
        2. Learning in Math Lab, in which students can learn through PlayFACTO (Free Active, Creative, Thinking, O. Junior Mathematician). This enables them to connect mathematics with concrete items, thereby promoting Problem Solving and Creative thinking skills in a fun math learning environment.
        3. Strengthening Scientific Skills, in which students in each level learn about various topics, such as in Yr. 1, in which they learn to make the ‘Cock cackle’, creating a toy by learning from the principle of sounds. In Yr. 2, ‘Plants Explorer’ they play the role of vegetable explorer to develop observation skills and discover many different kinds of plants. Yr. 3 students observe ‘Amazing air racing’, learning about the wind from a real situation. Yr. 4 students find out ‘Why water doesn’t spill?’. They learn about gravity, get training in solving problems and try their solutions in different kinds of experiments.
        Hands-on learning is learning by doing through various activities that enable learners to listen, observe and practice. This approach to learning will be used in all subjects at all year levels.

Financial Playground Center: ‘Fin-Play’

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Learning in Math Lab

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Strengthening Scientific Skills

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