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Preliminary activities for Yr.12 students in the academic year 2021

        On Wednesday March 9, 2022, Sarasas Ektra School organized the Preliminary activities for Yr.12 level students in the 2021 academic year. These activities were held from 7.30 am – 6.00 pm at the Auditorium, St. John Baptist building. Activities included the Graduate certificate ceremony, certificate awards for outstanding students, the Scottish tartan farewell ceremony. Students also participated in tree planting with the President of the ceremony, Student Council President and Color Presidents of the batch. Bai Sri and Building Farewell ceremonies were conducted to help create good memories and to remind students of the different times they have spent at school. In addition, School also awarded certificates to students with good behavior and outstanding learning achievement to create self-esteem as well as encourage awarded students and others to appreciate and take pride in their achievements.
       The president, Director Pisut Yongkamol spoke to Yr.12 students as follows:

       Director Pisut Yongkamol’s admonition
       The reason Master made everyone to stand and commemorate was caused by the fact that Master had watched the news and was traumatised every time I saw the flag of Ukraine which has the same colors as our school flag. It made Master think of a lost soul, wandering, and not knowing where to go, and it reminded me of these two words, COVID and Ukraine.
        COVID is something that we could not predict in advance and it has changed our lives a lot. We didn’t meet friends, we had problems with family, we had a problem with our own mental state, problems with parents and siblings, with communication with friends. Some families had and still have financial problems, though maybe parents didn’t tell their children. Nevertheless, it must pass and we must pass through it
        Another thing is war. We don’t know how the situation will end, maybe with great consequences no one can predict, but at this moment what has happened is that the cost of fuel is rising, together with the cost of food, materials and equipment. Everything is more expensive. You may be eating noodles in front of the school now for 150-200 baht per bowl
       But one of the lucky things about our homeland, as King Rama IX said, is that we have soil, we have climate, we plant rice, we grow vegetables, we raise animals, we can feed ourselves. We are one of the few countries in the world in which, as His Majesty said in a word he coined, we have ‘sufficiency’, meaning ‘sufficiency’ of what we need to live, Today, Master would like to tell all of us to live in sufficiency, to save our money and use it wisely. If we have 500 baht in our pocket or purse, instead of buying things we don’t need and maybe don’t even want after we’ve bought them - cosmetics, games accessories or whatever – we can save our money for things we really need.
        In the future, we don’t know how much money our parents will have in their accounts. For example, Master has a friend who owns a hotel in Phuket. He told Master that he was usually able to clear the family’s accounts of Russian clients every week, but now he hasn’t collected any money from Russia for two weeks because Russians can’t transfer money now. Master’s friend is starting to have difficulties and this customer has no transferable money because the SWIFT system was shut down, and Russian rubles can’t be used to pay for the hotel. "The wise man is the one who saves money but the smarter one is the one with the least risky investments"
       Master wants you to study more. No subject is as helpful as finance, as well as any subject that helps you manage your life. In the event of disasters such as a pandemic or war, these subjects and careful management of your personal finances will help you to survive.
        Master would like to see you progress. Do not study only what the teacher teaches. You should also study medical knowledge to take care of yourselves, and financial knowledge as well. In addition, to save money, especially for female students, do not hurry to grow up. If you have a boyfriend, give thought to how you can maintain your purity. Nowadays, some diseases arise that cannot be cured, so preserve yourselves. Male students must strive to be manly, Master’s parents taught me that we are manly when we behave towards women and girls as if she is a younger sister or an older sister. Boys and young men should take good care of yourselves; at least graduate and do not disappoint your parents. It is the thing that every man should do
        Finally, Director, Pisut gave as the model- name for this Yr.12 students batch the "Floating Bowl" which came from his impression of students’ cheeky behavior. He also taught all students, female and male, to be careful and try to preserve themselves as well.