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Upskill and Reskill

        To ensure that teachers are ready to educate students and keep up with the world, School organized an annual Professional Development Training course for our teachers during 18 – 28 April 2022. This year the theme was ‘Upskill and Reskill’, building on teachers' previously attained knowledge and adding new knowledge. Both old and newly acquired knowledge are relevant and necessary for learning and teaching to be up to date and effective.

    Skills that are conveyed through professional training include making PowerPoint presentations more interesting, editing video clips used in teaching, using new applications to encourage learning, and knowing the psychology of teaching and pastoral care as well as the use of English for communication.

        Sarasas Ektra School pays close attention to the process of teachers’ development by organizing professional development activities every year, especially, during the summer semester break, as well as during the academic year with the belief that teachers are the key mechanism that will lead students to grow to be a quality adult and a good member of society.