Ektra News: Academic Year 2017

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Guidance Meeting for Continuing in Senior High School: Years 10 - 12
Sarasas Ektra School is well aware of how important it is for year 9 students to prepare themselves to continue their studies at senior secondary level in high school, in which numerous options / programs are offered. Therefore, the school administration team will host a meeting more detail
School’s Layout for Infant and Primary Departments (Soi Sathu 20)
In Semester 2, Our Infant Department (Soi Sathupradit 19) together with its NC.-KG.2 students will move to be with the Primary Department at Soi Sathupradit 20.

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Invitation to Meeting & Counselling Activity Regarding Student’s Further Education in Secondary Level
We would like to thank all parents for your continued trust in our school’s teaching and learning procedures; as well as our approaches to student care. Your child has come along way and is now not far away from graduating from Primary. They should now be ready more detail
School's Van Service
On Saturday 22nd July, 2017 Sarasas Ektra’s School Van Committee organised an annual meeting of academic year 2017 at the Seminar Room, Building 7, Secondary Department. There were three topics in the meeting described by three honored lecturers more detail
Open Morning Activity Invitation : Year 1
Sarasas Ektra School will host the Open Morning Activity for year 1 students from Thursday 31st August - Friday 1st September 2017 from 7.00 am - 11.00 am. The purpose of the activity is enable parents to see the learning more detail
Invitation to Mother's Day Activity, Academic Year 2017
          Sarasas Ektra School (Primary Department) is going to organise Mother's Day activity on Friday 11th, August 2017 from 1 pm - 2.30 pm. The event will be held for parents and Year 2 students. The purposes of this activity are to honour Her Majesty Queen Sirikit more detail
Invitation for attending the "National Mother's Day 2017" ceremony
The Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra School will organize the "National Mother's Day 2017" Ceremony on the 11 th of August 2017, in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen's 85th birthday, which is on August 12th, 2017. more detail
Open Morning : Infant Department
Open Morning 2017 : 22-30 August [8.00-11.00 a.m.] more detail
Invitation to parentsof Yr.1 students and parents of new NC-Yr.6 students
Sarasas Ektra School has organized a meeting for parents of Year 1 students and parents of new NC.-Yr.6 students, The contents will be about the school's academic potential development policy, student skill development activities, the measurement and evaluation more detail
Invitation to parents of Yr 7 students and parents of new Yr 8-9 students
Sarasas Ektra School has organized a meeting for parents of new Year 7 students and parents of new Year 8-9 students. The contents will be about the school’s academic potential development policy, the measurement and evaluation of students’ learning results,
:: Parents of Summer Students in Yr.7A, Yr.7B, Yr.7C          :: Parents of Summer Students in Yr.7D and new Yr. 8-9 students
Ektra News: Academic Year
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