Extra Class Curriculum

          The Extra Class: the Second Generation Project is launched for students in Primary and the first years of Secondary to develop their English competence and to prepare Thai students for the next step once the country enters the ASEAN Community.

Curriculum Structure

          The curriculum will be a bilingual system (Thai and English). There will be additional English classes to enhance the students’ competence in using English for academic purposes and communication. The ratio of English to Thai lessons for the Extra Class Program is shown in the table below.

Selection to enter the Extra Class Program: The Second Generation
          Class activities will be focused mainly on practicing and developing their English skills. To be qualified to enter this project, students must attain basic Thai and English competence and thinking skills. Furthermore, their academic record in the fundamental subjects: Thai, Mathematics, Science and English, must be at good or excellent level. Therefore, the school must do certain tests for the selection to enter this program.