Rules & Regulations

Guidelines when contacting administration office
          •  You can acquire different forms at administration office.
          •  Fill in different information in the form. All the information filled must be complete and is written clearly.
          •  Administration is the receiver of forms before proceeding them to the director. Finally, the actions following to forms will be implemented.
          •  You can receive different documents in 7 business days after filing the request.
          •  Photographs used for contacting administration office must be 1.5-inch color photographs (do not print photographs using polaroid system). Students must be correctly dressed in student uniform. Name and surname must be clearly written at the back of all photographs.
          •  When contacting administration office to acquire any documents, students must be correctly dressed in student uniform.

Acquiring student status certificate
          •  The request form can be acquired at administration office. All the information must be completely filled with clear writing.
          •  In case of acquiring English student status certificate (for going abroad), name and surname must be filled in English with PRINTED letter and must be identical to those in passport.
          •  You can receive the document in 7 business days after filing the request.

Acquiring grade report document
          •  The request form can be acquired at administration office. All the information must be filled with clear writing.
          •  In case you bring certificates from other government sectors or other organizations, please only fill information in the request form without having to fill any information in application form. Administration office will prepare the application form according to the request form.
          •  You can receive the document in 7 business days or within days specified by administration office for documents that need approval from the Ministry of Education.

          •  Guardians must contact administration in person.
          •  Resignation form can be acquired by filling all information. The form will be proceeded to the director for approval.
          •  Please prepare 4 1.5-inch photographs and submit to administration office together with resignation form.
          •  Contact financial department to verify tuition fee payment. The tuition fee of the semester which students are resigning must be paid.
          •  Only guardians or parents of students can affix signature for document receiving. If the document is to be received by others, the power of attorney with guardians’ and document receivers’ copy of identification must be present.
          •  You can receive the document in 7 business days *** Except Phor Por 1 (ปพ.1). The document can be received in 14 business days.

               •  Students who wish to resign at the end of the academic year, please inform administration office within April 30th of that academic year.
               •  In case you fail to clearly express your will by filling the form and submit it to administration office of the school, it is deemed that you wish to continue your study in the new academic year.
               •  If you submit resignation notice after the specified period, you need to pay the tuition fee of semester 1 of the new academic year.
               •  In case guardians do not wish students to continue their study in semester 2, guardians must submit resignation form at administration office within April 30th of that academic year. If the resignation form is submitted later then the specified period, it is deemed an unusual resignation. Guardians must pay all outstanding tuition fee including the tuition fee of semester 2 of that academic year; so that educational certificate and other documents request can be proceeded. The time required for document processing is 7 business days, ** except Phor Por 1 (ปพ.1) which needs 14 business day for processing.

Document change for name and surname change
          •  Guardians need to contact administration office to submit request form for name and surname change to the director.
          •  Please bring original certificate of name and surname change together with its copy.
          •  In case of name’s and surname’s spelling change, please attach the copy of documents issued by government sectors such as identification card or passport.
          •  Name and surname change request must be complete prior to examination’s completion. Especially for students in primary 6, Matthayom 3, and Matthayom 6, name and surname change request must be done prior to the final examination of semester 1.

Document correction in case of parents’ or guardian’s name and surname change
          In case students’ guardians or parents who are military or police officers receive royal grant for rank promotion, please follow the guidelines below.
               ◦  Guardians needs to contact administration office to fill the request form for guardians’ or parents’ rank change.
               ◦  Present the copy of rank promotion certificate to the school to proceed rank change, so that the rank in school database is up-to-date.

Tuition Fee Payment
          •  Current and new students: *** Payment can be arranged in 4 ways. Please find additional information in the table below.
** EXCEPTION – New students cannot use personal check for tuition fee payment and other fees in registration day.

Payment Deadline
Tuition fee payment for the next academic year in all levels must be arranged within April 30th of that academic year.
**Exception applied for students in KG.3, Yr.6, and Yr.9, please follow the guidelines specified in the letter.

Request for leaving the school campus
          •  Students must be under teachers’ supervision after arriving the school. Students are not allowed to leave the campus without permission until the end of school day.
          •  In case students need to leave the campus due to some business, please follow the guidelines below.
               ◦  Guardians submit leave notification in person by contacting administration office for acquiring campus leave permission slip.
               ◦  After students receive campus leave permission slip, please bring the slip out of the campus, or give it to the security guard at the school’s main gate.

Going Home
          •  Students are allowed to go home after school day. If the extended stay is necessary, 17:00 is the latest granted time for late stay (if any accidents take place after 17:00, the school will not take any responsibility for the accidents).
          Remark : Students are allowed to stay after 17:00 only in case of special activities assigned by activity teachers, and the late stay is notified to assistant director of discipline department.

Sick Leave and Business Leave
          •  If students do not come to school due to sickness, business, or other reasons, sick leave or business leave notification slip must be submitted; using the school’s sick leave / business leave form with the signature of assistant director of discipline department affixed, to class teacher on the first day students come to school. This is to notify class teacher regarding reasons of being absent.
          •  If students are absent from school for more than 3 days, medical certificate must be attached with leave notification slip.
          •  If any students are caught with guardians’ signature forgery, students will be punished according to student discipline policies. Additionally, the incident will be recorded into behavior record book.
          •  If students are absent from school without submitting leave notification slip, or without any notification made to school in all means from guardians, necessary actions which are deemed proper will be implemented under the school’s discretion.
          •  Every time students are absent, guardians need to inform the school at the telephone number 0-2213-0117, 0-2212-0157, 0-2212-9930-1, Fax. 0-2674-0499. Leave notification must be made to administration teachers (starting from 07.00). When students return to school, students must follow the aforementioned guidelines.
          •  In terms of the follow-up of absent students, class teachers will follow up students who are consecutively absent for 2 days. In the morning of the 3rd day, class teacher will follow up absent students by phone call or any other means that are the quickest. Then, the incident will be reported to grade level heads or assistant directors.