School History

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          In 1993, Sarasas Pittaya School started the Bilingual (Thai-English) Program called the "Extra Class". It’s a special class where students learn English directly from native English speaking teachers to ensure that students learn English effectively and precisely. Our curriculum conforms to the standard of the Ministry of Education. We also have a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.) with the Cambridge Public School, Boston, United States of America, who supports us with the curriculum and human resource development and teaching techniques. In 1994, the Catholic Education Center, Brisbane, Australia assigned personnel to assist us with curriculum development, teaching techniques and coordination and recruitment of teachers. This new program became very popular among parents because their children showed drastic improvement in English skills while, at the same time, maintaining good academic achievement standard in the Thai curriculum. Due to the high response and application rate in 1995, the Bilingual Program (Extra Class) separated and established itself as the present Sarasas Ektra School.

         Sarasas Ektra School is one of the 37 Sarasas Affiliated Schools. It was the first school in Thailand to operate a Bilingual (Thai-English) Program and was granted license by the Private Education Board Office, Ministry of Education in 1995. Since then, the school has experienced constant development in many areas.

          Currently, Sarasas Ektra School is categorized as a Regular Academic School under the Private Education Board Office of the Ministry of Education. The school teaches from Kindergarten level to Grade 12 based on the Ministry of Education's curriculum and uses English as a medium of teaching in the form of Bilingual (Thai-English) Program, with "Mr. Piboon Yongkamol as the Licensee and Mr. Pisut Yongkamol as the Director.