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          Sarasas Ektra School set its mission as a guide to improve the school’s curriculum management as follows.
                     1. Organize activities that encourage students to be righteous and proud of Thai culture and tradition.
                     2. Teach students regarding self-discipline and responsibility for the assigned duties, to respect one’s and others' rights and duties, which is the road to becoming a good leader and follower.
                     3. Encourage learners to evaluate and improve themselves, accept others and gain more knowledge constantly.
                     4. Build up a variety of learning environments as a challenge for the learners to pursue knowledge, think critically, analyze and solve problems according to the individual's potential.
                     5. Improve student-centered learning. Students will participate in activities, practice brainstorming and managing, and put into practice until they discover their own aptitude and hence can learn happily.
                     6. Promote activities that give learners the opportunity to have a direct experience in using English for effective communication.
                     7. Provide technology and challenge learners to access the information using English as medium in receiving the information.
                     8. Employ information technology to organize a database to enhance efficient operation and learners’ development.
                     9. Encourage personnel to gain more knowledge and talent, and be good examples for the learners.
                     10. Encourage learners and personnel of the school to provide community service so they can gain experience in a variety of environment and culture.