Ektra News: Academic Year 2019

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Invitation to Attend "Project Approach" by Nursery Pupils
We thank all of you for entrusting us with the task of taking care of your children and for having confidence in the tutelage and learning activities that we provide. Through these activities at our school, your children are given unique opportunities to develop key skills more detail
Final Examination Timetable for Year 12
Final Examination Timetable for Year 12 Download
a Scheme “Polite Speaking”
Sarasas Ektra School Hosts a Scheme “Polite Speaking”. Families of Year 4-6 students are invited To join the contest by submitting slogans under the theme 🗣“Reduce and Stop Verbal Abuse”. Candidates whose slogans are selected will receive certificates and souvenirs.

more ditail
AFR Day (Apology, Forgiveness and Reconciliation)
The school has had a “Stop Bullying Policy” for many years. The policy aims at nurturing our students so they grow up with pride. Students are instructed to honor, respect and help others. To make outcomes of the policy concrete, AFR Day is arranged during Christmas season. more detial
Asking for parents’ cooperation to follow the traffic rules within Kindergarten – Primary Campus
Sarasas Ektra School has arranged a new traffic plan within its kindergarten and primary campus in order to mitigate traffic congestion, reduce air pollution within the campus and nearby communities, promote healthy environment including intra-campus safety. more detial
Please be informed that from now until the new year, School will be making some changes to our morning ‘student drop off’ zones. These changes are due to all crescent courts (CC1, CC2 and CC3) and outdoor areas being in use during the Christmas period. more detial
Request a copy of the student’s vaccination history
The Minister of Public Health has launched a campaign to ensure all children nationwide (aged between the ages of 1 to 12 years of age) have the measles vaccination, to reduce the risk of infection and illness with measles. more detial
Students’ Field Trip to Science Centre for Education
Students are currently or will be learning about the life cycle of stars and the existence of stars during their science courses for semester 2, the academic department and teachers of the science subject group has arranged a field trip on Tuesday 26th November more detial
Invitation to the meeting concerning education in secondary level
The school would like to express gratitude to all parents’ trusts toward the school’s education administration and fostering of your child throughout primary years until the present time which all students are passing through secondary years in academic 2020. more detial
Open Morning Activity Invitation : Year 4
Sarasas Ektra School will host the Open Morning Activity for Year 4 students from Wednesday September 4th – Friday September 6th, 2019 during 7.30 - 15.15. The purpose of the activity is to enable parents to attend the students’ presentation concerning classroom activities more detail
Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests (TEDET) of 2019, and the application to the Scientific and Mathematical intelligence development
To support students with special interests in Science and Mathematics, the academic department would like to announce the following project.       1. Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests of 2019       2. Application for students to the Scientific and Mathematical intelligence development from IPST more detail
The receiving of grade report of midterm, semester 1 of academic year 2019 and invitation to the meeting concerning the school’s checker system
Cooperation between the school and families is essential in fully developing students in terms of both academics and good characteristics. However, nowadays chances of miscommunication frequently arise and this makes parents miss important updates. more detail
Asking for Cooperation in Students Pick-Up and Drop-Off
For safety of students and to keep orderliness of traffic within and around the campus, the school kindly asks for your cooperation regarding students pick-up and drop-off. more detail
Open Morning Activity Invitation
Open Morning Activity Invitation : Year 1
Sarasas Ektra School will host the Open Morning Activity for year 1 students from Monday 24th June – Thursday 27thJune 2019 from 7.00 am -12.00 am. The purpose of the activity is to enable parents to see the learning environment and to converse with class teachers etc. more detail
Health Care During the Changing Weather
Due to the abrupt change in the weather, it has been cold and wet in many areas. This contributes to the growth of diseases such as flu, hand-foot-and mouth disease, pneumonia and diarrhea in children and those with medical problems. School has cooperated with Health Care Service 7 more detail
Invitation to the parent meeting and the orientation
Sarasas Ektra School is organizing a parent meeting and the orientation of new students in Year 7, 8, and 9. The purpose isto encourage good cooperation amongst parents and the school in building all-dimension success to our students in discipline, pastoral care, more detail
Invitation to Parent Meeting of Academic Year 2019
SarasasEktra School has organized a meeting for new parents to our school to clarify the bilingual teaching system, lessons and content management as well as school policy and regulations. The purpose is to help parents understand the direction of the school in order more detail



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