Application Procedures of New Students for Academic Year 2019

Accepting new students for 2019 : NC - Year 10. Applications open on 1st September 2018. Students will have to take the placement test as follows: more information please contact :

Receiving discount on Tuition Fee
For the academic year of 2019, the school has a policy to give a 30% discount on tuition fees (no discount on other fees) to the first child of any family who currently has three children studying at Sarasas Ektra School. For all applicable families, parents can bring the birth certificates of the three children from the same family to the admin office to submit their request for a tuition fee discount.

The school has a policy to give scholarships to Yr.6 and Yr.9 students who will continue their education at the school in Junior and Senior Secondary level. There are three types of scholarship:
          1. English language excellence scholarship
          2. Academic excellence scholarship
          3. Musical excellence scholarship
All students who wish to apply for a scholarship must follow the rules and regulations of the school. Furthermore, parents should have a good attitude towards school and always cooperate and support school’s policies.

For more information: Please contact the admin office at Primary and Secondary **Remark: Some details might be changed in the application process for requesting a scholarship for each academic year. **

Age Range for New Students for Academic Year 2019

Documents for application

Documents for Enrollment
Nursery - KG.3

          1. Student Birth Certificate and House Registration (1 copy each)
          2. Parents’/Guardian’s ID card / Passport (1 copy each)
          3. 1 photo of the student and 1 photo of the parent for parent card

Yr.1 - Yr.10

          1. Student Birth Certificate and House Registration (1 copy each)
          2. Parents’/Guardian’s ID card / Passport (1 copy each)
          3. Previous School Academic Report (may be submitted later)
          4. 2 photo of the student

Enrollment Instructions
          1. Please prepare all documents and fees to enroll the student on the appointed date.
          2. A parent must be present when enrolling the student at the appointed date and time. (Except NC.-KG.3) Please call to make an appointment 1 day in advance.

Summer Course
          End of March – end of April
               • •Summer school is compulsory for all the new students. Course equipments and school uniform can be purchased during summer school.
               • •Payment for summer school, air condition charge, Summer Course and registration fee must be made in cash only.
               • •Entrance fee, school fee and science equipments can be made in cash or cashier cheque.

Books and Uniform
          Can be bought in April during Summer school. (The specific date will be informed later)

Enrollment and payment of school fees for 1st semester (cash / cashier cheque only):-
          Within 7 days after announcement of result.

          ***School fees are non-refundable regardless of any reason.** *
          Payment of school fees for 2nd semester:- From 1st October – 30th October of the academic year