Y.4-6 Skit Show Competition 2020

           Before the end of Semester 1, all students from Y.4, 5 and 6 took part in two workshops to get a better understanding about what Hate Speech is and why it’s a very negative thing to be a part of. They also learnt how to write, practice and perform a skit.

           On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th some students from Year 4, 5, and 6 took part in the Stop Hate Speech Skit competition as part of our Positive School policy. All competitors were judged by the Foreign teachers with the criteria such as the use of English language, performance, and relevance to the topic, etc. The third rank of each year level according to this student name list will receive the certificate. 



         1. 4D Super team     
      1. Mstr. Rachatip Eawboonyanurak Year 4D
      2. Mstr. Aekash Kittiramani Year 4D
      3. Mstr. Sirawich Torthienchai Year 4D
      4. Miss Rinrada Indragarunwet Year 4D
      5. Miss Fergie Naranoranan Year 4D
    1st Prize

         2.The crazy girls    
      1. Miss Ratha Thepwattanapiyakul Year 4E
      2. Miss Pannita Tanikchokkobkul Year 4E
      3. Miss Pensiri Boonyakumanon Year 4E
      4. Miss Pimpitcha Lohakittisakul Year 4E
      5. Miss Yanakorn Boonsong Year 4E
    2nd Prize

         3.Swan Lake     
      1. Miss Sudatip Cheepsumo Year 4E
      2. Miss Kanyawee Wanitchachokechai Year 4E
      3. Miss Benyapha Thammarak Year 4E
      4. Miss Waratthaporn Phatcharawongpakorn Year 4E
      5. Miss Anne Arayajitipong Year 4E
    3rd Prize



         1. 5B Lively     
      1. Mstr. Thanunpoj Trangwiwat Year 5B
      2.Miss Piraya Waraporn Year 5B
      3. Miss Tarana Crangle Year 5B
      4. Miss Annah Krishna Lhiel Tubal Year 5B
    1st Prize

         2.(5 Angles)    
      1. Miss Kawisara Pikulthong Year 5F
      2. Miss Nathamon Aroonprasobsook Year 5F
      3. Miss Pitchayapar Thangsathityangkul Year 5F
      4. Miss Nattagun Prucktrakhul Year 5F
      5. Miss Aranya Wongjaroenpiboon Year 5F
    2nd Prize

         3.Butterfly 5A     
      1. Mstr. Jetsada Sea-be Year 5A
      2. Miss Phenpitchaya Sripitak Year 5A
      3. Miss Maythaporn Apichonbootra Year 5A
      4. Miss Plaengpin Supraditarporn Year 5A
      5 Miss Sirirat Phansam-arng Year 5A
    3rd Prize



         1.New world     
      1. Mstr. Daniel James Mills Year 6F
      2. Mstr. Watcharapong Wanichthanaolan Year 6F
      3. Mstr. Thanadol Sakonsontised Year 6F
      4. Mstr. Kawin Nehemiah Year 6F
    1st Prize

      1. Mstr. Puphoom Samanwongkulwat Year 6C
      2. Miss Verada Leelavoravong Year 6C
      3. Miss Akira Monruetai Year 6C
      4. Miss Darunrat Arunpanu Year 6C
      5. Miss Punnaree Kosittaweepisal Year 6C
    2nd Prize

      1. Mstr. Pasin Sukhumtus Year 6E
      2. Mstr. Ashita Chandraprabha Year 6E
      3. Mstr. Kyle Devin Biddle Year 6E
      4. Miss Natalia Suphamongkhol Year 6E
      5. Miss Marium Camara Year 6E
    3rd Prize



    Skit Show Competition