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In remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol December 5, 2016—the Royal Birth Anniversary

           On Friday, December 2nd, 2016, Sarasas Ektra School’s Secondary Department hosted a ceremony in remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol on the auspicious occasion of the Royal Birth Anniversary, which annually comes round on December 5th. The ceremony took place on the ground floor of Baptist Building, secondary campus. On this chance, the administrators, teachers and students pledged allegiance to the monarchy and took a vow to follow the late king’s footsteps in life sustenance. Some activities hosted were dedicated to the kings. Students also had a chance to express their gratefulness toward their fathers, who were considered the breadwinners of their families. The following are the activities held on that day.
           1. A ceremony offering food to nine monks. The monks were invited from Phai Ngoen Temple. This ceremony was hosted to present some merit to King Bhumibol.
           2. A ceremony of offering flower bowls by the administrators and teacher and student representatives. This ceremony was followed by three musical talent shows under the theme ‘The King’s Songs’. Mister Bodintara Piyathanasirigul, a school alumnus, sang the “The Highest Dream,” which was composed by King Bhumibol.
           3. Speeches by Miss Rinrada Gatesmas from 9A under the title “Father of the Nation” and by Mister Sakesilapa Srisuksan from 12F under the title “In Remembrance of the Greatest King of Kings”
           4. A ceremony to present awards to the students who had won various contests or had excelled in class work. The list of those students is as follows:

Quiz game under the theme
“Following the King’s Footsteps”
Junior Secondary Level
First place Mstr. Thanachol Wimolsajjarak Yr.8B
Second place Miss Natcha Khanthachavana Yr.9D
Third place Mstr. Paranut Paosuwan Yr.8D
Senior Secondary Level
First place Miss Araya Suethoo Yr.12B
Second place Miss Nutsarin Prasopsaipornkul Yr.12B
Third place Miss Busakorn Budsapathamrong Yr.12E

Essay competition
under the title “Father of the Nation”
Junior Secondary Level
First place Miss Atikan Lamworakul Yr.9A
Second place Miss Anna Benjapibal Yr.7A
Third place Mstr. Vichasin Nagasthira Yr.8E

Excellent writing compositions
under the title “Royal Projects”
Year 8
Miss Wareevan Sujirapinyokul Yr.8A
Miss Surapha Upariphutthiphong Yr.8B
Miss Laksiga Nanthakij Yr.8C
Miss Leelawadee Assawatewin Yr.8D
Miss Tawalrat Phataraphanmanee Yr.8E

Excellent writing compositions
under the title “Why do Thais love The King, Our Beloved Father?”
Year 9
Miss Chanatprapa Chalermthai Yr.9A
Miss Rinrada Bekana Yr.9B
Miss Papond Lohateerapap Yr.9C
Miss Natcha Khanthachavana Yr.9D
Mstr. Thanaphat Vanischanai Yr.9E

Speedball contest
under the title “The Most Beautiful English Calligraphy”
Year 10
First place Mstr. Tassaporn Sukhumdhanakul Yr.10D
Second place Miss Methavee Sathiramethakorn Yr.10E
Third place Miss Ranchiya Srichanwanpen Yr.10B
Fourth place Miss Chatravee Li Yr.10E
Fifth place Miss Pornpipat Tangsatit Yr.10D

Drawing contest under the title
“Following His Majesty the King’s Footsteps”
Junior Secondary Level
First place Mstr.Siraphop Pattaragatewit Yr.9E
Second place Miss Variya Chumtedsorn Yr.7D
Third place Mstr. Phuri Sottatipreedawong Yr.8C
Senior Secondary Level
First place Miss Kulkallaya Kanokpornvasin Yr.10D
Second place Miss Pichapa Viratmalee Yr.10C
Third place Miss Ranida Savajinda Yr.12A

Photo contest
under the title “He Who’ll be For Evermore In Our Hearts”
Consolation prizes
Miss Onnicha Apivisankij Yr.12F
Miss Kantima Kritpinyo Yr.10A
Miss Yolradee Kamonkhantithorn Yr.7C

           5. A Christian ceremony. The administrators, Catholic teachers and students and all other teachers joined one another in an activity in which everyone placed his or her own candle in a tray to form the shapes of a heart and the Thai number 9.

Vice-director Bussararut Kertpermpoon’s Homily

           We have all shared our parts in making the activities successful today, with our hearts replete with bounteous love, which we generously gave to the king—an exemplary person. The king never taught us to love him, but taught us to love one another. I would like all of you to follow his advice by sharing love and showing the unity of hearts and forgiving one another for any mistakes that we—administrators, teachers, students and all school staff—might have made so that we would stay together in lasting unity and love.