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AFR Day (Apology, Forgiveness, Reconciliation)

           On December 23rd, 2016, Sarasas Ektra School hosted some activities on the occasion of AFR Day or Apology, Forgiveness, Reconciliation Day. Held after the procession of the Holy Child and a stage play performance titled “Birth of Jesus,” the activities were aimed at apprising students of the history of Christmas.

The Infant Department
           hosted various activities such as an AFR stage play by the pupils. The play portrayed a story about quarrelsome pupils who were taught what apology, forgiveness and love were. Another activity held was a chorus performance under the song “Little Drummer Boy.” Then the representative of Catholic parents gave some instructions on the importance of the Holy Family and on marriage and family life. Lastly, the pupils drew lots of presents.

The Primary Department
           hosted a stage play in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol by student representatives. Then a teacher representative gave didactic instructions on apology, forgiveness and reconciliation. After that, Director Pisut Yongkamol delivered a speech and conferred certificates to the representatives of those who had performed in the stage play. Lastly, the teachers and students jointly and gaily sang “Joy to the World” and “Sawasdee Pee Mai.”

As for the Secondary Department,
           the administrators gave the students some didactic teachings about apology, forgiveness and reconciliation and related them to a moralistic fable. Then Thai teachers exchanged their Christmas and New Year cards with foreign teachers. Next, the student leader and representatives from the student council presented an apologetic, forgiving and reconciliatory speech to all school personnel and asked all students to demonstrate the characteristic Ektra culture by paying respect to and greeting one another, which marked an auspicious beginning for an incoming new year.

           ใIn the afternoon, each department spared some free time for the students to hold small parties in their classrooms. The students were allowed to bring their own snacks to share with their friends and teachers. Class teachers had this chance to promote love and camaraderie among the students in their classrooms, while students had a chance to apologize to their friends for any teasing or annoyance they had caused, intentionally or inadvertently, and asked their friends to forgive them and be reconciled with them.