Sarasas Ektra School Sarasas Ektra School


           Sarasas Ektra School hosted ASEAN Day 2016 with the aim of raising students’ awareness of ASEAN and its rich cultures from the past to the present. The activities hosted by the three school departments were as follows:

The Infant department
           The Infant department hosted some ASEAN activities on August 8th on the ground floor of Building 1. There were circle activities in which kindergartners (KG. 1-KG. 3) took turn to visit the seven activity stations set up for them to learn from and enjoy themselves. The seven activity stations were as follows:
           1) National Flowers
           2) Coloring National Flowers
           3) Comics about ASEAN
           4) ASEAN National Costumes
           5) Matching Tourist Attractions
           6) ASEAN National Sports
           7) Photography Booth

The Primary department
           The Primary department hosted ASEAN activities such as bulletin decoration, naming national flags and an ASEAN quiz in the morning of August 5th at St. John Bosco Building.

The Secondary department
           The Secondary department hosted ASEAN Day on August 8th on the ground floor of St. John the Baptist Building. The event started with a ceremony offering certificates to students who won the ASEAN quiz competition, followed by the ASEAN cultural exhibition, “Cultural Enrichment,” which was intended to present languages, costumes, food, and folk amusements of the ASEAN nations.

Here are the names of the ASEAN Quiz winners.
          Junior Secondary Level
                • First place: Ms. Nannapat Satayarak Year 7D
                • Second place : Ms. Kuntharinee Jenjaratchot Year 7A
                                               Ms. Sitanan Chalothornnarumit Year 9C
          Senior Secondary Level
                • First place : Mr. Sahachok Prachaporn Year 11B
                • Second place : Ms. Surang Wanichanan Year 11D
                • Third place: Ms.Yanisra Kowathana Year 11E
                                         Ms. Nutsarin Prasopsaipornkul Year 12B