Sarasas Ektra School Sarasas Ektra School

A Contribution to the Construction of Navamindrabopitr Building, Siriraj Hospital

              On April 5th, 2017 Sarasas Ektra School’s representatives of administrators, teachers, parents and students went to Siriraj Foundation to present a donation to the construction of Navamindrabopitr 84th Anniversary Building at Siriraj Hospital.

              The total donation was 162,218 Baht. Honorary Clinical Professor Pisit Jirawong, a Member of the Committee and Deputy Manager of Siriraj Foundation, was the honorable receiver. The donation was collected from the school’s activities which included Multiple Intelligences Academic Fun Fair 2016 for Y.4-Y.6 students in February 2017 and Ektra Concert 2017 in March 2017.