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Infant Department Cultural Day

         On the 18th of November, 2016, the Infant Department hosted some Cultural Day activities to expand the horizon of the pupils’ knowledge of cultural diversity and each nation’s distinctive forte. Joined by nursery children and kindergartners from years 1 to 3, the activities, held under the theme “Food,” were divided into eight activity bases, all of which were intended to provide all participants with the history, ingredients and recipes of certain food. The pupils tried the food of several nations. Offered in each base was the following:

            1. Thai Food Base - Crispy lotus blossom cookie, Lod Chong dessert in coconut
                 milk, imitation fruit dessert and banana in syrup
            2. Chinese Food Base - Fried crab and Chinese steamed quail eggs
            3. Indian Food Base - Gulab jamun, samosa and burfi
            4. American Food Base - This base offered desserts such as doughnuts, chocolate
                  and scones. 
            5. Australian Food Base - Anzac biscuits and Vegemite
            6. French Food Base - Various types of crepe, dressed with chocolate, sugar
                  and jam
            7. African Food Bas - Boerewors rolls and spiced pineapples
            8. Filipino Food Base - Various types of fried bananas and sogo’t gulaman

            Foreign teachers and pupils’ parents also participated in the activities, helping teach the pupils about the culture and unique and distinct foods of each nation as guidance for their future studies. The pupils had a lot of fun and were delighted all through these activities.