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Ektra Singing Contest 2016

           Sarasas Ektra Primary Department hosted the final round of the “Ektra Singing Contest 2016” for students in Years 4 - 6 on the 23rd of June 2016 at the Drama room, St. John Bosco Building. There were 11 contestants from Yr. 4, 13 from Yr. 5, and 15 from Yr. 6
           Five students from each year moved on to the final round. The contest rules state that students can choose to sing any song. Points were awarded on the following criteria:            1. Using voice and sound 25 Points
           2. Melody ,Dynamic 25 Points
           3. Expression and interpretation of the music 25 Points
           4. Technique and creativity for singing 25 Points
                      Total 100 points

Ektra Singing Contest 2016 Awards
Year 4
First place Second place
Miss Jessica Kate Mills Yr.4C Miss Nassha Ruayruengrung Yr.4E
Song: The show Song: There you’ll be
Third place Forth place
Miss Lapadlada Yingtanongkul Yr.4E Miss Chawanluk Kungwankiatichai Yr.4C
Song: Under our spell Song: Ai (Shy)
Fifth place  
Miss Alissia Schatrasiri Van Lieshout Yr.4A  
Song: Trouble is a friend  
Year 5
First place Second place
Miss Supattra Sae-Teng Yr.5A Miss Amelie Florence Van Lieshout Yr.5C
Song: The lonely goatherd Song: Counting Stars
Third place Forth place
Mstr. Pennueng Boonyaro Yr.5E Miss Lapatrada Phattarakunvisut Yr.5B
Song: Mai Koey (Never) Song: Mai Rak Mai Tong
Fifth place  
Miss Chama Jalanugraha Yr.5C  
Song: Fly me to the moon  
Year 6
First place Second place
Mstr.Wanish Boonwanishawat Yr.6B Miss Farida Ruengbucha Yr.6E
Song: When I was your man Song: Counting Stars
Third place Forth place
Mstr.Akkarawit Suksansiriwong Yr.6B Miss Ajariya Chinomi Yr.6F
Song: I have nothing Song: Titanium
Fifth place  
Ms.Warisara Chayabutr Yr.6F  
Song: Yu Yu Ko Ma Pra Kod Tua Nai Hua Jai