Sarasas Ektra School Sarasas Ektra School

Ektra Star Kids 2016 (Infants Department)

           Our Infant Department proudly hosted our 8th annual ‘Ektra Star Kids’ activity this year from the 11th - 15th of July 2016. Every year we like to encourage our KG.1- KG.3 students to nurture and showcase their talents as well as helping them gain more confidence, especially our KG1 students.

           Students performed a variety of different skills, such as singing (Western, Thai and Chinese songs), playing the piano, dancing, storytelling and presenting various sports skills. The activity was held over a number of days, based at Building 1 of our Infants Department. Each day from11.30 am-12.30 pm, students of all ages came to perform in front of an audience of peers, teachers and parents all cheering them on, which created a lively and positive atmosphere.

           Our ‘Ektra Star Kids’ event helps to support our students special skills and talents based on the Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) theory, which our school encourages and complies with.
Lastly Sarasas Ektra would like to thank the parents for their continual support and encouragement during this event. We hope to see your children perform again in the ‘Ektra Star Kids’ program next year.