Ektra Concert 2017

        Sarasas Ektra’s Music Department organised the “Ektra Concert 2017” on Friday 10th March, 2017. It was held from 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm in the Auditorium, Building 6, 4th floor, Primary Department. This activity gave our students the opportunity to develop their current abilities, enhance their musical experience and skills and to give our students with high linguistic intelligence an opportunity to sing. Most importantly, this activity gave our students an opportunity to learn to give something back to society Parents were invited to attend the concert and to make a contribution/donation to the construction of Navamindrapobitr Building, for underprivileged patients at Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok. The school would like to thank all parents for your contribution. The total donation collect was 69, 686 Baht.

        The musical performance was classified into four groups: Applied Traditional Thai Music Band, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Symphony Orchestra. There were 272 students performing on stage in all performances. Additionally, there were Ektra alumni joining to play with our current students, creating bonds between seniors and juniors.

        Furthermore, there were six students who were considered to receive the certificates of distinction on their musical talent. All were in Year 12 as detailed below:

1. Mr.Saksilpa Srisukson 2. Mr.Panitharn Areephongsa 3. Mr. Run Herabut
Yr.12F Yr.12F Yr.12A
Violin Xylophone D. Bass
4. Mr.Witiwat Jiragoontansiri 5. Mr.Warat Prateepsawangwong 6. Mr.Supasin Kreecharoen
Yr.12B Yr.12C Yr.12C
Oboe Trumpet Trombone

 The sequence of the show was as follows:
      1. Traditional Thai Music Band (Secondary Department)
      2. Piano & Foreign Teacher Choir
      3. Chorus Performance ( All three departments: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary)
      4. Jazz Band (Primary and Secondary Departments)
      5. Ektra Primary Band
      6. Ektra Symphony Orchestra
      7. Symphonic Band




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Ektra Concert 2017