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World Environment Day Activity

           "World Environment Day" is on the 5th of June every year. This year the Primary Department hosted World Environment Day Activities by setting up exhibits on environmental themes, playing question and answer games and providing a chance for students to express their ideas under the topic “What can we do to protect and care for our Earth?”
           Students had to write in Thai and English languages on the school’s notice boards and also helped clean the classrooms. In addition, there was a competition for writing a slogan and drawing and colouring it.
           Below is the list of students who won awards:

Year 2
1st place Mstr.Watcharapong Wanichthanaolan Year 2D
2nd place Ms.Dahye Jeon Year 2B
3rd place Ms.Pimrapee Sucharitham Year 2C
Year 3
1st place Ms.Chanamon Ativanichayapong Year 3A
2nd place Ms. Thanapa Chawanasonthornpot Year 3C
3rd place Ms.Pattaraporn Chayawat Year 3A
Year 4
1st place Mstr.Jiraroj Wiruchpongsanon Year 4E
2nd place Mstr.Tanuvorn Marleson Year 4B
3rd place Ms. Warisara Chotiyaputta Year 4G
Year 6
1st place Ms.Ahyun Kim Year 6B
2nd place Ms. Nutcha Marleson Year 6A
3rd place Ms.Kirinee Wannavatakul Year 6E

Slogan Writing
1st place Ms. Tuangrat Chirasupakul Year 6A
“Love water, then save it. Love animals, then be kind to them. Love the world, then protect it. Love the forest, then conserve it”.
2nd place Mstr. Ing Kiatsingnakorn Year 6A
“Nature is like life. Don’t think of destroying it. Trees and forests should be conserved for our children”.
3rd place Ms.Nattida Akkaramongkollert Year 6A
“If there is no environment, everything will disappear. Humans will die if resources are destroyed.”