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2016 Father’s Day Activities for the Infant Department


              The 5th of December marked the Royal Birth Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Our school’s Infant Department held some activities to mourn the late king and to show gratitude towards his contributions to the country. The fathers of Kindergarten 2 students also had a chance to do in-class activities with their children.
              To mark the beginning of the ceremony, the President lit the candles, and proceeded to present garlands at the images of Mother Mary, Saint Dominic and King Bhumibol, and then read a eulogy in honor of the late king. The ceremony was followed by the following activities.

    1 ) A student representative from Kindergarten 3 delivered a speech in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol.
    2 ) KG3 students performed a choral singing rendition with bodily movements of the song “Oh I Say” composed by King Bhumibol.
    3 ) There was a certificate award ceremony for contest-winning students as follows.
         3.1 Winners of the coloring contest

KG. 1 Level
Ms. Pattanan Poonsatta Ms. Tharaporn Jerdjumnongwittayakul Ms. Nuntanut Kosolvuttikul
First place Second place Third place
KG.1A KG.1F   KG.1G
KG. 2 Level
Mstr. Pinitpong Thaweewararak Mstr. Weerawut Virunchaichot Mstr. Nantatchaporn Chamnipa
First place Second place Third place
KG. 3 Level
Ms. Jirachaya Assawalertchottikul Mstr. Kardpol Thithaweerat Ms. Supitcha Chompoonuch
First place Second place Third place
KG.3A KG.3E KG.3D 

         3.2 Winners of the calligraphy contest

KG. 2 Level
Mstr. Voraphol Maneeyok Mstr. Pitchapong Thaweewararak Ms. Praewwanit Buranarungruengkij
First place Second place Third place
KG. 3 Level
Ms. Supitcha Chompoonuch Ms. Patnaree Kanjalat Mstr. Kardpol Thithaweerat
First place Second place Third place
KG.3D  KG.3B KG.3E

         3.3 Winner of the speech contest

  Ms. Pannita Tanikchokkobkul  

4 ) All pupils stood up to sing “A King’s Tale” and “Love Eternally.”

              After all the above-mentioned activities, the fathers of Year Two kindergartners  were invited to do some in-class activities such as guessing mystery pictures, expressing mutual love between fathers and pupils, and pupils giving postcards to their fathers, which allowed the pupils and their fathers to express affection towards each other. Love and impression were freely manifested all through the days’ activities.