Sarasas Ektra School Sarasas Ektra School

“Food Hero” at the Health Center

           From August 2-4, 2016, teachers and Year 3 students from Sarasas Ektra Primary Department participated in the fair “Food Hero” at the Health Center on Soi Ngarmduplee. This fair was held by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation with the aim of promoting the idea of eating healthy food to stay healthy among students, who were encouraged to learn more about healthy food and living. In addition, there was an activity called “Lessening Screen Addiction,” the aim of which was to promote the importance of socialization and exercise to reduce the risks of developing diseases. In this event, students participated in four major circle activities as follows.

           1. “Know Smoking.” Students learned about the insidious effects of active and passive smoking.
           2. “Worth of Food.” Students watched an animated film about the worth of food, which instructed students that food has value. This sensitized them to the worth of their food, encouraging them not to leave remains.
           3. “Activity Play.” Students learned about exercise and how to refrain from playing electronic games and being addicted to technological devices. They learned that exercise helps them to stay healthy. They were also given the chance to express their views about the advantages and disadvantages of games and exercise.
           4. “Know You, Know Me.” Students learned how to avoid some food – to refrain from eating sugary food, which disadvantages their health. The formula for eating, they learned, is to divide the components of their food into 50% vegetable, 25% low-fat meat, and 25% rice and starch. This could help make them healthy, but not pot-bellied, and less prone to develop diseases. Students were encouraged to eat healthy food.
           Students learned a lot of things and had a lot of fun from joining the above-mentioned activities, which could be beneficial to them in that they could apply what they had learned to solving their own problems.