GAC ‘6’ Graduation

           Saturday 4th March, 2017 was the final swansong for the students of GAC ‘6’ at SarasasEktra School.  After three arduous years of studying both the National Thai Curriculum, and the International Global Assessment Certificate (GAC), this was their ultimate day of celebration.

           On this day we were very honoured to have two very special guests from ACT Education Solutions (AES): Ms. Ros Washington, the Global Academic Director – and Ms. Christine Hoe, the Regional Academic Manager.  Both of them were very impressed, not only with the graduating class, but also with the musical talents and skills of the younger GAC students. 

           It was a very special afternoon for all involved: the many parents who were proud to see their sons and daughters being awarded the internationally recognized diploma from ACT, the teachers and administrators who were proud to witness their students finally graduating, and all the younger GAC students probably thinking of the day, sometime in the future, when they will be receiving their diplomas.

           Following the formal ceremony and official photographs, everyone was eager to tuck-in to the vast array of wonderful food provided by the catering department.  There were lots of fun pictures taken and lots of goodbyes and chit-chats that went on for a long while into the early evening.

           Every year the GAC graduation ceremony seems to get better and better.  This year was probably the best yet, thanks to the ‘graduation team’ from Y.11, and the excellent job done by the two MCs, Ms. Pidsinee and Mr. Sakgarapong from Y.11C.  Everyone involved did a great job, and it was a fitting finale for the graduating students.

           The photos below show the three scholarship winners with Ms. Ros Washington and Ms. Christine Hoe from AES.


GAC ‘6’ Award Winners
      ACT Scholarships
Miss Andrea Yeung Mr. Yoshiyuki Issarangkul Na Ayuthaya Miss BusakornBudsapathamrong
$200 $300 $500
      Best in Subject
English Listening & Speaking Skills English Reading & Writing Skills Business Studies
Ms. Chirapa Peisiripatana Mr. Saksilpa Srisukson Mr. Kasidith Chruakanchana
With a 92% average With a 90% average With a 88% average
Science Mathematics Computing
Ms. Chirapa Peisiripatana Mr. Saksilpa Srisukson Ms. Busakorn Budsapathamrong
With a 94% average With a 94% average With a 91% average
Social Science    
Ms. Chirapa Peisiripatana    
With a 94% average    


The competition for best in subject was very close this year, with less than one point being the difference between some first and second places.

Congratulations go out to all the graduating students of GAC ‘6’.




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GAC ‘6’ Graduation