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Group Discussion Workshop

           One of the key ways in which students strengthen their communication skills is through engaging in cooperative learning in small group discussions. Sarasas Ektra School organised a “Group Discussion Workshop” which was about was about “The Benefits of Being a Part of ASEAN”. Mr. David Valente, who is the Director of Professional Pedagogical Development at Stamford International University, facilitated the workshop. Present were the ‘Language option’ students from Year 10B (GAC) and 10C (Extra Class), only the students studying in summer could participate in this workshop. The workshop was held on 22nd and 25th April 2016 at St. John Baptist Building on the school’s premises.


           The purpose of this workshop was to let students generate and share ideas together, to help develop a better perspective on a range of issues by bringing out diverse viewpoints. For the activity, students were divided into small groups and the students discussed the pros and cons of being a part of the ASEAN community. They had to provide more information and knowledge about it. The atmosphere in the classroom energetic and was full of different point of views on the issue. They also had lots of fun.