Sarasas Ektra School Sarasas Ektra School

Hong Kong University Summer Immersion 2016

           In the two weeks from 13 - 24 June Ektra had the pleasure of hosting a group of nine students and two lecturers from Hong Kong University (HKU). They were here as interns to observe and practice teaching Science under the guidance of four mentor teachers led by Mr Jesse Litapon, Secondary Science Coordinator (English Program).

           The two weeks’ experience, called “Summer Immersion 2016”, was very successful, both for the HKU interns and for Ektra’s teachers and students. The interns not only observed and taught Science classes, they conducted activities for primary and secondary students at flag raising ceremonies and during lunchtime assemblies.

Some of HKU student teacher activities included –

           At the Primary school, the teachers led an activity about the different senses that we use in our everyday lives. Year 2 and 3 students had to correctly identify which parts of our bodies we use to hear, taste, see, smell and touch with. Students from Year 4 took part in a food pyramid activity. They had to correct identify the food groups and move into the correct area of the pyramid when shown a particular food. Students who were too slow were eliminated from the activity. All participating / winning students were rewarded with a souvenir from Hong Kong.
           At the Secondary school, students were all given an introduction to Cantonese and were taught a HKU cheer. The HKU student teachers also designed and created a new cheer specifically for Sarasas Ektra
           At the end of their stay here the interns presented multimedia reports to the Director and administrators about their time at Ektra. On returning home, they presented these reports to senior administrators at their University.

           Many thanks are due to administrators and mentors for their efforts in making this immersion experience successful. Everyone involved had an opportunity to share their ideas, cultural experiences and future endeavors with each other. It was a very rewarding experience for the students and teachers involved in the immersion. It is hoped that this collaboration will continue in the future.