Leadership Camp Year 11

                From the 6th to the 12th of November 2016, Sarasas Ektra School hosted a “Leadership Camp.” Year 11 students who were wholly responsible for this camp repaired to Mae Wang District of Chiang Mai Province to hold their camp activities in four schools: Ban Mai Sawan School, Ban Lao Pa Phang School, Wat Thung Sala School and Huay Kaew School. Open to pupils from kindergarten to junior secondary level, the activities carried out were as follows:  

                - Students learned how to create artwork, sculpture, dyed cloth and watercolor painting at Sala Daeng Village, Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai Province.

                - Ektra students provided tuition in the following subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. Recreational activities, together with line dance and marching, were also included. 

                - Students painted school buildings, a pétanque court and an outdoor sports ground.

                - Students conferred on each of the above-mentioned schools four scholarships, each of which was worth 5,000 baht. These schools also received other contributions such as study kits, sports tools, toys and other paraphernalia, all of which were sponsored by Sarasas Ektra parents and a number of companies such as Chia Tai Company Limited, Double A (1991) Public Company Limited, Sakura Products (Thailand) Company Limited, Football Thai Factory Sporting Goods Company Limited, Sports Authority of Thailand, TTCL Public Company Limited, Siam Cement Public Company Limited, Debut15 Institute, PTT Public Company Limited, NGOY Meng Hua Limited Partnership (Factory) and DHA Siamwalla Company Limited.








                The camp activities held this year not only enabled Year 11 students to improve their leadership and teamwork skills, but also gave them a chance to share with others the quintessential value of themselves.