Multiple Intelligences KG. 3 and Open House 2017

           Sarasas Ektra School Infant Department hosted Multiple Intelligences KG. 3 under the theme of “Follow our Father King Rama 9” and Open House on February 10th, 2017 , from 8.30-11.30. The activities held were intended to encourage the pupils to enhance their individual abilities by following the footsteps of King Rama 9. We stress the significance of multiple intelligences in our pedagogical methodology and motivate the pupils to develop their individual abilities as appropriate for their ages. Parents were also allowed to join the activities in order to see the pupils’ multifarious abilities, to request tuition and learning information , and to observe the school and its atmosphere.

           The event started with the offering of garlands to Mother Mary, saints and an image of King Rama 9, followed by a presentation on the Multiple Intelligences theory. Then, after the pupil emcees introduced themselves, the pupils displayed their talents through the following activities: choir singing under the song “Oh I Say,” the science show “Water Reflection,” an English drama stage play under the Father’s Day theme, dancing and movement show under the song “Oh I Say,” and a demonstration of martial arts such as taekwondo and Thai pugilism. Lastly, the pupil representatives introduced their own clubs, which were comprised of art, mathematics, Thai language, science, body movement, and cooking. Parents also took part in the activities and had fun with the pupils.

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M.I. KG.3 & Open House