Sarasas Ektra School Sarasas Ektra School

M.I. Academic Fun Fair 2016 (Secondary Department)

           Sarasas Ektra School’s Secondary Department organised a  “Multiple Intelligences Academic Fun Fair 2016” for Y.7-Y.12 students, Semester 2, Academic Year 2016. The activity was held on Wednesday 8th February, 2017. Director Pisut Yongkamol has adopted Multiple Intelligences Theory and applied it to the school’s Extra Curricular Activities (M.I. and Club) to develop the students’ skills and ability. The activity encouraged the students to have their own place to stand in society and to be proud of their achievements. There was an exhibition under the theme “Follow His Majesty the late King Rama 9’s Intelligences”. There were various activities as detailed below.

Performances on Stage:
    - Following his Majesty the late King Rama 9’s Musical and Linguistic Intelligence, there were interesting shows from the school’s Jazz Band, Chorus Group, Traditional Thai Music Band, and String Band. Additionally, there was a short but fascinating opening performance for this year’s Drama Show: “A King’s Promise”, which is coming soon in August.

Exhibitions and Demonstrations:

    Under St. John Baptist Building
     - Logical-Maths and Innovation Zone To trace his Majesty the late King Bhumibhol’s remarkable talent in Science and Technology, this zone displayed students’ work, products, and inventions which the students had designed and developed employing their Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. Several activities were exhibited which included STEM Projects, Science Projects, Robots, and Computer Repair Technicians.

      - Spatial Zone This area presented students’ ideas and creativity through photographs and product design activities such as Paint Art and Art and Design. The zone was created to follow his Majesty the late King Bhumibol’s Arts Intelligence.


    Under Bosco Building and at Bosco Court
     - Bodily-Kinesthetic Zone Following his Majesty the late King’s Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, students who joined this M.I. base gained a lot of progress in their body movement. There was a trophy exhibition which Ektra students received from participating in a number of competitions: Futsal, Basketball, and Table tennis.

     - Linguistic Zone Tracking his Majesty the late King’s Linguistic and Literature genius, the main aim of this zone is to showcase the students’ Linguistic Intelligence through activities involving Language Practice which included News Reporter, Pathfinder Role Playing Games , Journals, Japanese, Marketing, and Debate etc.