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Visual Thinking for effective learner workshop

           The Academic Department of Sarasas Ektra School Secondary Department hosted an activity for Year 7 students, who were enrolled on the Summer school course to gain some extra learning skills. The workshop was called “Visual Thinking for effective learning” and was hosted in the Seminar room, 7th floor at St. John the Baptist Building. The speaker was Mr. Triyuth Promsiri who is the Assistant Director for International Business Management at Stamford International University. He has vast knowledge, ability and experiences in teaching this subject.

           The atmosphere was full of fun and the students got a lot of information and knowledge from the workshop. Students learnt the correct skills for making mind maps and can now adapt the knowledge they have learnt to use it in other subjects. This workshop will help the students in their future studies. They should remember the definition of “whats the point of writing, if you can understand something by using pictures”. This is because we believe that humans are visual learners and remember drawings and pictures more easily than letters.

           Also Mind mapping will help students summarize learning content better. Having systematic thinking and by allowing students to revise content independently, building imagination, using coloured pictures and symbols will help them remember and learning won’t be boring anymore.