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National Mother’s Day 2016 (Infant Department)

           The 12th of August is an important day that Thai people are well aware of because it is the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and it is also national Mother’s Day. To pay homage to the Queen and to increase students’ awareness students of their mothers’ benevolence, the Infant Department of SarasasEktra School hosted Mother’s Day activities on August 10th.

            The Mother’s Day ceremony started when the MCwelcomed participatingparents, and then invited the chairperson to open the ceremony by opening the cone, offering silver and golden trays to the image of the Queen, and delivering a laudatory speech in honour of the Queen. Following the opening ceremony were students and parents’ activities as follows.
          1) Student representative read a Mother’s Day poem
          2) Year 3 kindergarteners performed the Thai traditional dance “Ram UaypornOrn Wan,” an elaborate blessing dance, which was broadcast on channel 9 on August 5th.
          3) Year 3 kindergartners performed the choral song“And I love her ‘cause she’s my Mom.”
          4) Kindergarteners and parents performed a role play, which focused on the school policy “Stop Bullying.”
          5) The chairperson offered certificates to kindergarteners performing the Thai traditional dance and those who won the story-telling contest.

           After that, slides of images depicting the relationship between mothers and their children were projected. Then all kindergartners sang the song “We Love Mom,” followed by the Thai traditional dancers giving garlands to their mothers, which was a scene of gratitude. Mr. James then delivered a Mother’s Day Blessing speech to edify the kindergarteners.

           Beside the above-mentioned activities, there were also in-class activities for year 1 kindergarteners. The activities were intended to give mothers the opportunity to do some activities with their children, which further strengthened the unbreakable ties between them. The activities were comprised of kindergarteners giving Mother’s Day cards, paying respect to their moms and showing love to their moms. These activities left memorable and impressive images in everyone’s mind.
List of kindergarteners who the received certificates for the 3rd story-telling contest.

KG.2 level

1. Ms. Pitcha   Shen   KG.2 G
2. Mstr.Kimkirin   Tungkaserawong   KG.2 F
3. Mstr.Pirachat     Limpatanachot   KG.2 B

KG.3 level

1. Mstr.Jirapol   Jirapatananukul   KG.3 A
2. Ms.Waratthaporn   Phatcharawongpakorn   KG.3 F
3. Ms.Patnaree   Kurutuch   KG.3 E