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National Mother’s Day 2016 (Primary Department)


                                                             Mother’s Day

           On August 11th 2016 the Primary Department of Sarasas Ektra School organized Mother’s Day activities to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Sirikit 's birthday and encourage the students to express their gratitude to their beloved mothers. There were two sessions: a morning activity and an afternoon one. 

           In the morning session there was a performance of His Majesty King Bhumibol’s royal song “Saifon” (by string and woodwind instruments), a dance to the song “Thanks to You”, and “ Power of Love”, a special performance by Ektra’s primary female teachers (“The Peace of Mom”), and speeches by the students who won the Essay Competition on the topic “Why Do I Love My Mom?”

          In the afternoon there were wonderful activities for Year 3 and their moms. They played several fun games together and then the students sang the songs “I Love My Mommy”   and “ Rieng-Kwam-Rueng-Mae (An Essay about Mom)”.  At the end of the day, the students and their mothers wrote messages on cards and gave them to each other.

 The results of the competition were as follows:

Essay Competition

Year 4

1st prize : Ms. Natalie Churchman   Y.4B
2nd prize : Mstr. Jiraroj Wiruchpongsanon   Y.4E
3rd Prize : Ms. Jessica Kate Mills   Y.4C

Year 5

1st prize : Mstr. Harris Suteerapornchai   Y.5C
2nd prize : Mstr. Manapon Saito   Y. 5E
3rd Prize : Ms. Slin Akavipat   Y.5C

Year 6

1st prize : Mstr. Warit Jivakanont   Y.6E
2nd prize : Mstr. Ing Kiatsingnakorn   Y.6A
3rd Prize : Mstr. Subhawit Thirasuntrakul   Y.6E

Mother’s Day Card Design Using Computer Program

Year 4

1st prize : Ms. Pattamanant Praditsmanont   Y.4C
2nd prize : Ms. Arinda Pittayayon   Y.4C

Year 5

  Consolation prize : Mstr. Puttimate Srivilaived Y.5B

Year 6

1st prize : Ms. Ajariya Chinomu   Y.6F
2nd prize : Ms. Rattanawalee Lin   Y.6B


Drawing and Colouring Contest

Year 2

1st prize : Mstr. Watcharapong Wanichthanaolan   Y.2D
2nd prize : Ms. Pimrapee Sucharitham   Y.2C
3rd Prize : Ms. Nutthamon Asavasuprecha   Y.2C

Year 3

1st prize : Ms. Raiwin Aungurasawat   Y.3F
2nd prize : Ms. Phantanan Prakaianurat   Y.3A
3rd Prize : Ms. Pipoo Makaranun   Y.3C

Year 4-6

1st prize : Ms. Kirinee Wannavatakul   Y.6E
2nd prize : Ms. Nutcha Marleson   Y.6A
3rd Prize : Ms. Manika Sittichoketum   Y.4C

Consolation prizes

  Ms. Gornganok Limpayaraya   Y.6A

Director’s Speech for Mother’s Day 2016          

           Good morning parents. For today we have organized activities to celebrate all mothers. I am delighted that so many of you have joined with us. I’d like to thank all of you so much. School has been teaching the children about something intangible, the love of a mother. Every child feels this in his or her heart. 

           They used to say in the old Chinese films: “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” We realize that some people never see the 

           importance of their parents until they lose them. Asian cultures, however, place a lot of importance on parents, and that’s why our school organizes Mother’s Day celebrations every year.

This year is very special because Her Majesty Queen Sirikit  is 84 years old, her seventh cycle. We wish Her Majesty good health on this auspicious occasion.

           Furthermore, not only would we like to thank all of you parents, we also thank so much all the teachers who have worked hard to prepare these performances and activities. Some of the teachers do not live with their mothers. And for some teachers, their mothers have passed away. Our foreign teachers, especially, have come a long way to teach at our school. They are far from their mothers, so today they may miss them.

             So, many teachers have worked together to create joyful and happy moments for all of you students. Remember that as long as you have your mother by your side, you have the best thing in your life. The teachers have trained many of you to sing, play musical instruments, dance, and give speeches. Many have received certificates. You have made your parents proud of you. Also, today all of you, my students, have behaved so well. You have sat properly with patience. I appreciate it a lot and thank you.  

           Now everyone please put your hands together and say “Thank you, mother. Thank you, father.”

           Did you know that now I am 52 years old but if we count in the Chinese way I am already 53 years old.  This is because Chinese people count the year since the person has been born plus the nine months in their mother's womb. I sent some of your seniors to an exhibition and they tried carrying sand bags on their belly for 10 minutes. They couldn’t stand it because the sand bangs were heavy. Now we can know how hard it must have been for our mother to carry us for nine months.

           Everyone please kneel down only for 90 seconds to think about our mother. Think of her warm hug, the scent of her hair and perspiration, and everything that she has done to take care of you. Think about it.

Furthermore, I feel a lot of sympathy for the teachers whose moms have passed away, and for students who do not live with their moms for some reason, I’d like to encourage the homeroom teachers to cheer them up and tell the kids that the teachers can substitute for what you are missing and will be here for you. Even though your moms are not with you your teacher's guidance and warmth will be with you forever.  

Try to be good and don’t have any excuse for being bad. We cannot change things we did in the past but we can improve ourselves and become better from now on. It’s all up to you.  I hope you keep your honor and the thing that your parents have been protecting, your beautiful purity. Keep this love because this true love will never fade away. Last of all, thank you everyone so much for joining in our celebrations this day.