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National Mother’s Day 2016 (Secondary Department)


           On Wednesday, August 10th, the Secondary Department of Sarasas Ektra School hosted a Mother’s Day ceremony and activities at the auditorium at Building 6. The purposes were to enable our school community to express gratitude towards and pay homage to Her Majesty the Queen, and to remind participants to reflect on their mothers’ benevolence. Other purposes were to reinforce the ties between mothers and children and to promote love and affection among them.

           The ceremony started with paying homage to the Queen, followed by presentation of certificates to exemplary mothers and students who had won various contests. After that, one representative of the exemplary mothers delivered a speech “Mother: A Giver” to students. Then representative students of each class offered garlands to their mothers.  The video clip “No Bullying: Apologize, Reconcile, and Forgive” was played and the role-play drama “Mistake” was performed by the Drama Club students. Following that was the rite of thanking Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. In closing, the director delivered an edifying speech to students. The final activity was a “Peace-giving” activity.

List of exemplary mothers
•  Mothers who support alumni
  1. Ms. Rungtiva  Santichaiananta  
  2. Ms. Pinnipa  Tanaeksetkul   
•  Mothers who support the Drama Club students
  1. Ms. Sudarat Jeeraruangrong  
  2. Ms. Mekhala Gardner  
•  Mothers who support the Music Club students
  1. Ms. Walee Herabut  
  2. Ms. Natnongnapat   Jiragoontansiri  
  3. Ms. Thitirat Vanichvongvan  
  4. Ms. Ploypapas   Wanichthanaolan  
  5. Ms. Tanomjai   Wongsakul  


Mother’s Day poem writing contest
• Junior secondary level
  First place : Miss Panida Areephongsa Year 9D  
             “Love and Laud To Mom, the Giver of True Love”
  Second place : Miss Warangporn Sricharoenchaikul  Year 9D  
             “I Wholeheartedly Love Mom, Who Wants to See Me Successful.”
  Third place :  Mstr. Pattrapol Chantaravannakul   Year 9D  
             “Mom: The One Who Loves You Wholeheartedly”
• Senior secondary level
  First place :  Miss Pakjira Kerdpool Year 12D  
             “I’m Willing to Compensate for Mom’s Love.”
  Second place : Miss Rungtiwa Promsorn Year 12D  
              “Mom’s Love Is the Greatest Love of All”
Drawing contest under the title “Mother’s Benevolence”
  First place :  Miss Nutnicha Sunantra  Year 9A  
  Second place : Miss Prim Peeravatanachart Year 9B  
  Third place : Mstr. Chinaphat Benjapatanamongkol  Year 7C  
Video clip contest “No Bullying: Apologise, Reconcile and

  First place : Mstr. Vatchaphon Aroonnual    
    Mstr. Kim In Geon    
    Miss Lattanin   Meemano    


Director Pisut Yongkamol’s Speech

           Thanks to all the fathers and mothers, who are with us today. Thanks to God and to the teachers for gathering us here today. Since I do not want to waste your precious time, I have to give a concise speech. You’re all wonderful, and I’ m really appreciative of it.

Students, I’d like to compliment you on your patience, though sometimes you were distracted—this I understand because I used to behave in such way as a kid. One day when you grow up you’ll understand why you are taught discipline and patience.
Next, I’d like to compliment the musicians, singers and all the performers on your talent and unrelenting determination in your effort to rehearse for today’s performance, though there were some forgivable mistakes.
All students must bear in mind that you have to spend your time wisely while you still have your parents. Don’t use your mobile phones while with them. Don’t waste time trying to catch Pokemons in school because you may have an accident and don’t prioritize Pokemons over the love of your parents. Today, you are given love by the administrators, teachers and your parents. For some who don’t have a mother, not having a mother is not an excuse to misbehave. There are some world-renowned artists, scientists or even millionaires who lose their mothers. They were orphaned fighters, who became successful because of their parents’ love engraved in their hearts. They did not blame the past for their misfortune. You must preclude negative notions from disheartening you. Think again. Think for yourselves and your parents.

Finally, I’d like to thank God, administrators, teachers, and students for assembling here today on this auspicious occasion. May God will be with you all. I beg students to stay in peace and stand up to pay homage to the Queen’s image.