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the final round of the ‘Ektra Music Contest 2016’

           On the 22nd of July 2016 Sarasas Ektra Primary Department hosted the final round of the ‘Ektra Music Contest 2016’ on the ground floor of the St. John Bosco building, with the aim of enhancing students’ music creativity and inspiring them to have a passion for music. This contest was open to students from Years 4 to 6, who brought their own musical instruments for their performances. The judges had selected from all contestants five finalists for the final-round performances. The contest was judged according to the following criteria.
           - Perfection of music 25 points
           - Rhythm and tune 25 points
           - Difficulty of the piece 10 points
           - Creativity 10 points
           - Techniques / tactics 10 points
                Total 80 points
           - Style of performance 10 points
           - Color / atmosphere / emotional involvement 10 points
                Total 20 points

List of award winners
Miss Nichanan Kurpipat Mstr. Jeens Vichayaporn Mstr. Jiratpol Srihatrakul
First place Second place Third place
Year 6B Year 4C Year 4E
"Piano" "Drum Set" "Piano"
Mstr. Pawach Takpiman Miss Siriyakorn Dusadeekulchai   
Fourth place Fifth place   
Year 5E Year 6E   
"Drum Set" "Piano"