Primary October Camps

           The Big Blue Sea, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Sport Potential Development camps for Year 1- Year 6 students were held at the Primary department of Sarasas Ektra school on 6th to 12 th of October, 2016.
The Big Blue Sea Camp (For Year 1- Year 2)
           This was an integrated learning camp led by foreign teachers with the theme “The Big Blue Sea” in which students learnt new vocabulary and joined five activity stations that included games, song and dance, art & design, cooking, and underwater habitats.

           Also, on 12th of October, all participants travelled to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World at Siam Paragon where they enjoyed and learnt about underwater habitats such as fish and coral.  Furthermore, the activity supported preservation of underwater habitats.


The Big Blue Sea Camp 2016


Healthy Body Healthy Mind Camp 2016 (For Years 3- 5)
           Foreign teachers led activities activity focusing on the importance of having a healthy body and a healthy mind by participating in sports.
          - Healthy Body activities
                         Teachers let students move their bodies in exercising by playing football and rugby and motivation activities such as 5 legged running, table tennis against a wall, and hula hoop.

          -  Healthy Mind activities
                         Drawing and painting activities were organised for students.

          - The activity for planning and problems solving
                         Teachers conducted mathematics activities for supporting students to be smart; for example, playing puzzle games like the twenty-four game and number coding game.

          On 12 th October, students went to do activities at Rockin’s Jump – The Ultimate Trampline Park by moving the body with jumping; for example, basketball arena, main jump area, foam and PitDodgeball Arena. Students enjoyed these activities and also became healthier.


Healthy Body Healthy Mind 2016


Sport potential development camp
          Yr.4-Yr.6 students had sports practice and improved their techniques of playing basketball and futsal to get ready for competitions.