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October and Academic Development and Promotion Camps 2016

            School’s Secondary Department held October Camps and Academic Development and Promotion Camps between the 6th and 12th of October, with the aim of boosting students’ knowledge and enabling students to spend time to their advantage while school was out.

October Camps 2016
- Robot Camp
            Activities: The teacher explained about the overall characteristics of a robot and its parts to students, who then learned how to use Lego Mindstorms in order to write a program that could control the robot. They then assembled the robot parts into a Gyro Boy Robot. Students formed groups in order to compete in a robot race. In the competition, students used the robot remote controller application via Bluetooth, thus being able to manipulate the robot’s directions. The group that took the least time from the start to the goal was the winning team.

- Happy Wanderer Returns Camp
            Activities: This camp focused on creativity and practicality, which enabled students to practice and enjoy using English for their communication and presentation. Foreign teachers were responsible for creating diverse activities held under the theme “5F: Food, Fashion, Film, Flight and Festivals.” During the time they were in camp, students had a chance to take educational trips to the Royal Thai Air Force Museum to learn about flight, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. They also learned to design and make food.

- Art Camp
            Activities: This camp focused on creating artwork such as water color drawing, acrylic color drawing and cutting and pasting.

            As for water color drawing, the teacher explained about the characteristics of water color and how to mix colors. Then the students drew some circles along the periphery of a circular diagram and painted inside them using their favorite colors while leaving some in-between circles unpainted which would be painted with the mixed color derived from the two colors painted inside two circles beside it. Finally, students created a water-color diagram.

             As for acrylic color drawing, the teacher demonstrated how to use acrylic colors and then assigned students a painting task on canvas frames. At first, students drew imaginary flower outlines and then painted the outlines as they wished.

             For cutting and pasting, students were assigned a cutting and pasting job on a surface using newspapers. They cut pictures from a newspaper and pasted them on the surface to create a story. Besides, students also visited the Museum of Contemporary Art to view paintings and visited the Queen’s Gallery to see the silk exhibition and mountain people’s costumes.

Academic Development and Promotion Camps
- The 17th Intensive Mathematical Thinking and Problem Solving Camp
            Activities: Students from years 2-9 joined this camp to learn techniques necessary for prepping up for a mathematical thinking and problem solving competition.


- Musical Talent Camp
            Activities: Secondary students participating in this camp got a chance to practice intensive and advanced musical skills. They were classified into Symphonic Band, String Band, Choir, and Jazz Band.

- Self-Discovery and Inspiration Camp
            Activities: This camp gave year 9 students the opportunity to find their own interests and expertise necessary for choosing senior secondary study programs. They did some workshop activities held by lecturers from various universities such as the Faculty of Communications and the Faculty of Arts of Bangkok University and Media Design School of Stamford International University. School’s successful alumni also came to share their experiences and to inspire the students.

- Academic Prep Camp
            Activities: Students from the science-math program learned the fundamentals of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, while their counterparts from the arts program learned basic mathematics.