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Young Thinking Innovator Camp (STEM EDUCATION)

           The Science Learning Strands of Sarasas Ektra School hosted a “Young Thinking Innovator Camp" from 20th – 25th April 2016. The camp was designed to further developed students knowledge and interest within the field of science and focused on four subjects which were Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E) and Mathematics (M) otherwise known as "STEM". There were total of 80 students in Yr. 10 who joined. Students were put into groups of 5 or 6 and the camp was split into three sessions.

Session one: The Primary chapter of Technology problem

           Students had the opportunity to play with a construction set. . It was a small model that was built to copy construction material. Students practiced building a working fan from the instruction sheet. A motor powered it and the students learnt how to control it through symbol icons on the computer software linked with the construction set.

model pieces and working atmosphere    working as a team

           Students discussed the ‘Technological Process’ that is shown in the diagram. This process has students discuss what the problem is, the hypothesis for solving the problem, observing, solving and start doing, developing and repeating.

Session two: Finding an Inventor

           Students from each group had to build a car and let it run from a high slope to see which car could run nearest to score line. Any car that could run over the score line received a bonus point.

an example of a car and the contest on letting the car run from a high slope.

           The students needed to design and build a car body and required creative ideas to ensure their car got closest to the “score line” using using Gravitational Potential Energy. The students who created the car that ran nearest to the score line would win.

Session three: Powerful car

           Students designed and created a powerful car that could hit another car to make it fall off the field to join in the contest called "EKTRA K'BOT Championship 2016". There were rules for the size, size of car’s body and timings for the contest followed international rules.

"EKTRA K'BOT Championship 2016" contest

           During the contest, Yr. 6 students came to cheer the seniors at St. John Baptist building. The contest was split into two lines: Line A and Line B. They took turns to take part in the contest.

the winning team and the winner of the powerful car competition.

           The students had fun, learnt to work as a team and were able to solve any unexpected problems. Students will now have an opportunity to reflect on their experience from this activity and use the knowledge they have gained in any future scientific endeavors.