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Dhamma Presentation (Saradhamma)

           On the 22nd of June 2016 the Infant Department of Sarasas Ektra School hosted a Dhamma Presentation with the aim of promoting dhamma and instilling it into students from KG 2 to KG 3. School invited PhraKru Sangrarakpreecha Thityano from Mahamakut Buddhist University to talk to students about dhamma on the ground floor of Building 1. The presentation was given through instructional media, focusing on intelligence and ethics, and was interspersed throughout with edutainment.

           It started when Phra Kru Sangrarakpreecha led the students to chant some prayers and had them do meditation by controlling inhalation and exhalation. Then he taught them who monks are, that is, monks at home are parents and monks in temples are ordained Buddhist monks. Then he had the children do mediation alternating with motion while saying “Good children, who are conscious, awake, innocent, bright and calm”. After that, he gave a dhamma lesson on morality, using video material. Then he gave them some advice on how to behave in a temple, how to behave towards their parents, how to help their parents and how to help stop bullying and quarreling among students. He also asked them to be affectionate and good-tempered and to treat their friends well.

           The Saradhamma Presentation, interspersed with dhamma principles and edutainment, was aimed at inculcating right thinking and right action among students so they could apply both in their lives. It was also intended to instruct students to be good to their families, their school, society and country.