Sarasas Ektra School Sarasas Ektra School

Science Caravan 2016

           Sarasas Ektra School in collaboration with the National Science Museum (NSM) organised a ‘Science Caravan’ activity for students from years 7 to 9 who were enrolled on the Breakthrough Summer Course. A total of 150 students joined this activity on Friday 22nd April 2016 at St. John Baptist Building.

           Students watched a science show about weather and were put into three groups and rotated around three bases:
           1. Tangram : Students had to make a plan to be able to connect a Geometry jigsaw.
           2. Bingo Pulses : A bingo activity that used questions about different kinds of beans. Students learnt properties of the leguminous plant.
           3. 3. Paper plane : Students made paper aerplanes, which were called type Sky King. Students had a contest to see which plane would fly in the air the longest

           In the afternoon, students joined in with activity, which showed how science works, and they answered questions under the theme “Knowing materials”. Students got to learn and understand physical descriptions and the chemical properties of lots of different materials. They also learnt about the different appearances and functions of living things.
           Students gain a lot of science knowledge and really enjoyed the activity