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Science Show (Happiness Science)

           Infant Department hosted Science Show Activity (Happiness Science) on 7th June 2016 in the morning after the Flag Ceremony. The activity helped students to develop their science skill in thinking process and to be more active in learning.

           The activity was organized by Foreign and Thai teachers. There was a science experiment show in topic “wind power” and the experiments were:

           1) The experiment on inflatable airbag – teacher asked students to blow the air into the bag. Students were curious how the air went into the bag and experimented on it. The result showed that in one hard blowing time, it increased the air speed to move into the bag and the air pressure in the bag was decreased, so there was the different between the air pressure inside and outside the bag and it was the same method that firefighter used to fight for the fire.

           2) The experiment on rocket balloon - - teacher showed students on blowing the balloon and inserted the straw into the balloon. After that let the balloon flew on the sky until it dropped on the floor. Students experimented on blowing the balloon and observed to see the different of the balloon when it flew and dropped on the floor. This method was used on Air thrust such as launching the rocket etc.

           Science activity was the activity that motivated student’s curiosity and willing to experiment to find the correct conclusion as well as gaining fun through the experiment and develop thinking analysis.