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Science Week 2016


          The Primary and SecondaryDdepartments of Sarasas Ektra School hosted Science week 2016 on August 17th and 18th. This year’s motto, “Spark Ideas, Drive Human Lives forward with Science, Advance the Nation with Technology, and Move towards Innovations,” was a tribute to the King, Father of Thai Science. The purpose of holding Science week was to encourage students to be creative and to boost their Science skills. Various activities were held at three places: the ground floor of St. John the Baptist Building and that of St. John Bosco Building, and the auditorium on the 4th floor of Building 6. The activities held are as follows. 

August 17th, 2016
          The primary department hosted the following activities: Little Scientist, Science Quiz, Recycle Fancy Young Supermodel Contest, and Science Artifact Model Contest. The secondary department hosted the drawing contest, an exhibition of prominent Science project works, and booths displaying scientific works by students from MI clubs.

August 18th, 2016
          The Science Week 2016 opening ceremony marked the start of today’s activities. It was followed by Science Magic Show, Science Fashion Show, Music Performance and several other contests such as the parachute for egg drop contest, glider contest, paper airplane contest, and free exhibition viewing.

List of Award Winners

Primary Level

• Winners of the imaginative drawing contest “Science and Futuristic Technology”

  Mstr. Tanuvorn                  Marleson    Y.4B            
  Mstr. Tuanmukalis     Tokubaha Y.5C         
  Mstr.Naris          Amantakul Y.6D    

• Winners of the paper airplane contest

  Mstr. Thanakrit             Prempramote  Y.4F               
  Mstr.  Phayungkul Chanapatin   Y.5B          
  Mstr.Daniel    Stuart Y.6A    

• Winner of the recycle fancy young super model contest 2016

  Class 4E        
  Class 5D        
  Class 6D        

• Winners of the quiz in Science, team category, for primary level

  Ms.Panitanong  Singhadajeveerachai Y.4F     
  Mstr.Chayatawn    Yupattanawong Y.5E    
  Ms.Sirikul Srutthaboon Y.6F    

• Winners of the Science artifact model contest 2016

  Mstr.Chanthapat         Lavipichayawong Y.4G    
  Mstr.Pisit Jaopitakwong Y.4G    
  Ms.Lapatrada Phattarakunvisut


  Ms.Chanoknan Nantapaiboon 


  Ms.Warisara Chayabutr


  Ms.Sirada Prakitrittanon



Secondary Level

• Winners of the glider contest (junior secondary level)
  Mstr.Thammathorn          Chaichanasittikarn  Y.7D    
  Mstr.Attapol    Yonsopon Y.7D    
  Mstr.Kitpumin  Kaosayapunt



• Winners of the glider contest (senior secondary level)

  Mr.Phoomintr  Kaewvichien  Y.10A    
  Mr.Rungwigai Kanjant 


  Mr.Thanakorn Jangboon Y.10A    

• Winners of the Science project work contest (Year 10 level)

      “Lip balms” by      
  Ms.Rinrada Visetjindawat Y.10A    
  Ms.Kantima  Kritpinyo Y.10A    
  Ms.Akkaraya Sawaengha Y.10A    
  Mr.Sunisa Chitratchata         Y.10A    
  Mstr.Christopher Gardner Y.10A    
  Mr.Pattakom Dechjirakul Y.10A    

• Winners of the Science project work contest (Year 11 level)

      “Hologram World” by      
  Ms.Chunyanuch Udompornkul Y.11A    
  Mr.Worapon  Wichitchort Y.11A    
  Mr.Taweesak Taweeskulchai Y.11A    
  Ms.Nathanich  Chantharojwong Y.11A    

• Winners of the Science project work contest (Year 12 level)

    “Ingenious Robotic Arm” by

  Mr.Ek-phon Korsincharoen Y.12B    
  Mr.Rapeepatch  Aruneenirmarn Y.12B    
  Mr.Koragot  Chidchiew Y.12B    
  Mr.Witiwat  Jiragoontansiri Y.12B    
  Mr.Sorravit  Inargon Y.12B