Sending the Students off Activity

         Sarasas Ektra School Primary Department held the “Sending the Students off” activity on March 3rd , 2017 for KG.3 students who were moving on to Primary Department and for Year 6 students who were going to study in Secondary Department in the academic year 2017. There were a number of activities as follows:


For KG.3 students

         To begin the activity, KG.3 students marched from Kindergarten Department to Primary Department. They received a warm welcome from Year 1 teachers once they arrived. Then, the students were divided into groups to participate in different activity bases. There were six of them: P.E. and Games, Art and Craft, Chinese, English Activity, Music, and Food Decorating. After joining all the bases, the students spent their time walking around the school and had a look at their future classrooms. After that, they had a good time doing some fun activities, which included Phonics and Body Combat with their Year1 seniors.


For Year 6 students
         First, Year 6 students walked through the hand-tunnels of Year 7 and Year 8 seniors who came to welcome them to their new home in the Secondary Department. Then, the representatives of Year 6 Thai and Foreign teachers transferred their duties of teaching and guiding the students to Secondary teachers. Next, the representatives of Year 7 Thai and Foreign teachers accepted their roles of taking care of the kids. Then a welcoming speech was delivered to Year 6 students by the representatives of Year 7 teachers, and Year 7 and Year 8 students.  After that the administrators gave a welcoming speech and shared some words of wisdom to them. Then the representatives of Year 6 students brought the garlands to pay respect and say goodbye to their Year 6 teachers and to hand themselves over to Year 7 and 8 teachers. Last, all sang the songs “We Are Ektra” and “the Royal Anthem” together. 

For Year 9 students

         The farewell and welcoming activities for Year 9 students were commenced by the religious ceremony. The garland was presented to Mother Mary to pay respect and ask for the blessing. Furthermore, Thai and foreign teachers spoke their minds, wished Year 9 students best of luck, and sent them off to Year 10 teachers.  The representatives of Year 10 Thai teachers gave a welcoming speech to them and advised them how to prepare themselves for upper-secondary education. Moreover, there was a special activity: “Thank You, Apology, and Forgiveness”. The students wrote letters, put them in envelopes, and delivered them to whom they wrote to. The receivers would read the letters later. Last but not least, the representative of the administrators gave a speech and concluded the activity.

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Year 6

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