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Seub Nakhasathien Day

          On the 1st of September 2016, Sarasas Ektra School hosted some activities to commemorate Seub Nakhasathien Day. Mr Seub Nakhasathien, a conservationist and an environmentalist who dedicated his life and persistent effort to the conservation of Cheow Lan Lake and Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, committed suicide to call social attention to the conservation of natural resources and to sensitise the society to the significance of this.
The activities, which were intended to exhibit students' work on nature conservation, were as follows.

          • Story-telling with illustrations about the conservation of natural resources (year 8 level)
          • Essay writing under the title "Four Ways to Save the Environment" (year 11 level) 
          • Drawing contest under the theme "The King and the Forest"
The winners of the drawing contest are as follows.
            First place  : 
  Mstr.Prooh Arayajitipong Y.8A 
            Second place  :  
  Ms. Prim Peeravatanachart Y.9B
  Ms. Issaree  Sirikulkunasin Y.12D
            Third place  : 
  Mstr. Sirapop Pattaragatewit Y.9E
  Ms. Pitchanun Vimolvorvit  Y.11E
            Consolation prize  : 
  Ms. Nutnicha Sunantra Y.9A

          In addition to the afore-mentioned activities, school also set up an academic shelf providing books on natural resources such as Open-billed Storks in Thailand, Database of Researches on TreesWhy There Should Not Be Corn FieldsMigratory Birds.