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The 3rd Ektra Singing Contest 2016 Secondary Level

           Sarasas Ektra Secondary Department hosted “The 3rd Ektra Singing Contest 2016” for secondary students, which started on the 11th of May and finished on the 15th of July 2016. The purpose of this activity was to give secondary students with vocal ability the opportunity to show off their talents, which would help enrich their skills and experiences. Points were awarded on the following criteria:
           • Precision of musical notes 20 points
           • Vocal and singing techniques 20 points
           • Rhythm 20 points
           • Emotional expressiveness 20 points
           • Stage performance 20 points

Award Winners
Junior Secondary Level
First place: Miss Patrajaree Vanichvongvan Year 7B
Second place: Miss Chayuda Chaturongkasumrit Year 7C
Third place: Miss Yanin Prommachant Year 7A
Fourth place: Miss Nichapat Ratchanakul Year 8B
Fifth place: Miss Lalita Thawisakulrat Year 9A
Senior Secondary Level
First place: Miss Natchapa Srisanguansakul Year 12F
     Miss Suchaya Aksornnit Year 12F
Second place: Miss Wanissariyaporn Petchvanichsakoul Year 12B
Third place: Miss Surang Wanichanan Year 12A
Fourth place: Mr. Run Herabut Year 12A
Fifth place: Miss Napapha Kusolnumsanong Year 12E